🎅 Top 12 Video Games Christmas Events of All Time! 🎄

Gamer One TF2 Smissmas-Christmas
Source: Valve

Did you behave well this year? Don’t worry… Even if you don’t, Santa has brought early gifts: Video games with Christmas Events.

What’s more “Christmassy” than that?

With Holiday-themed events, I mean those games which delivered new characters, stories, and stages from jolly expansions.

There are so few video games with Christmas events, that we actually could pack them into a top 12 list!

So, without further adieu… Let’s see which will make your tree shine the brightest.


12 Video Games with Christmas Events


This yearly seasonal expansion adds new co-op mods, festive skins, emotes, voice lines, sprays, and map reskins. Most of them findable in the festive loot boxes.

Funny enough, Blizzard doesn’t have to strain that much to make this game more colorful.

Gamer One - Winter Wonderlands
Source: Blizzard


  • World of Warcraft: The Feast of Winter Veil

Now, speaking about Blizzard… WoW has always been a patron saint regarding holiday festivities MMORPGs.

Azeroth’s Feast of Winter Veil has been hosted by an elderly face: Greatfather Winter, since 2004. And every year that passes, he delivers newer features into the game.


Gamer One - World of Warcraft -The Feast of Winter Veil
Source: Blizzard


  • Dead Rising 4

Because Dead Rising games are known for their imaginative weapons, Capcop did a very good job by warming our hearts with explosive candy cane crossbows and the baseball bat dressed on Xmas lights.

They also exposed the crazy consumerism that’s visible in malls throughout the holiday.

Gamer One - Dead Rising 4 Christmas
Source: Capcom Vancouver


  • Killing Floor 2: Twisted Christmas

This game has had 3 different Xmas seasonal events (2017 Krampus Christmas, 2018 Season’s Beatings, and 2019 Yuletide Horror).

They all were available for free each year and added new playable characters, weapons and gory enemy skins, maps, and much more.

They did their best to make the games less horrifying with all the lights, but still, couldn’t achieve it.

Gamer One - killing floor 2 Twisted Christmas
Source: Tripwire Interactive


  • Destiny 2 “The Dawning”

The Dawning,” is this online multiplayer’s shooter/looter holiday event.

Most of the fun and changes tend to be applied to the main social hub: The Tower.

Here’s how the event is described by Bungie itself:

“During The Dawning, Eva Levante brings her baking supplies and Holiday Oven for all players to use and create holiday gifts that can be given to all vendors across the system. To create these gifts, players have to defeat various enemies in unique ways to earn materials and use Eva’s Holiday Oven 2.0 to combine them into baked gifts.”

Gamer One - Destiny 2 The Dawning
Source: Bungie


  • Hitman: Holiday Hoarders

This DLC pack is what Home Alone would be if it were rated “M for Mature.”

You, Agent 47, puts on the Santa outfit to take care of business. The mission?

Takedown a porno tycoon during their annual Christmas party. While Cho-Cho-choking them to death isn’t the holiest thing to do, at least you’ll have stealthy fun.

Gamer One - Hitman - Holiday Hoarders
Source: IO Interactive


  • Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman, the Silent Knight, is always patrolling Arkham and Gotham city. This time, he’s doing it during Christmas eve.

Everything is covered in snow, and even the bad guys are full of spirit, suited with holiday-themed festive costumes.

A similar setting is shown in 1992s Batman Returns. This was a side-scrolling beat-em-up, very similar to the Final Fight series.

Gamer One - Batman Arkham Origins Christmas
Source: WarnerBros. Games Montreal


  • Borderlands 2: How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day

Marcus ordered a lot of guns… But he’s gone missing. What would you do now? Being a good kid (I mean, Vault hunter) returning them.

Throughout the way, you’ll have the chance to wipe out Snowmen’s band, smiley faces, and its gang boss’, Tinder Snowflake.

Everyone who dares to play the DLC will get a whole set of amusing head skins.

Gamer One - Borderlands 2 How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day
Source: Gearbox


  • Saints Row IV: How The Saints Save Christmas

Dead Rising and Borderlands break the fourth wall with absurd dialogue and provoking killing machines.

Saints Row IV doesn’t go too far, either.

This time, the weird but outrageously fun experience comes in the shape of the evil “Santa Claws” which has enslaved the world and everyone in it.

We thought it was impossible to achieve, but this DLC is crazier than the game itself.

Gamer One - Saints Row IV How The Saints Save Christmas
Source: Volition


  • Duke Nukem: Nuclear Winter

The manliest man on the planet has to save the world, again (John McClane style).

Aliens (inappropriately called Feminist Elven Militia) have brainwashed Santa and snowmen, elves, and all kinds of pixelated monsters will try to stop your duty.

While it doesn’t offer much new content to the game, besides the reskins, it’s bizarre enough to deserve a spot on this list.

Gamer One - Duke Nukem Nuclear Winter
Source: 3D Realms


  • Super Mario Odyssey: Snow Kingdom

Nintendo has spoiled us every Christmas because more often than not, they add an Icy world. Super Mario Odyssey wasn’t the exception.

The Snow Kingdom is full of flair and flakes. And the Santa-hat-wearing enemies are cheerful enough to make you consider not wanting to jump over their heads.

Gamer One - Super Mario Odyssey Snow Kingdom
Source: Nintendo


  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf

While the whole world (town, in this case) of Animal Crossing is happy and relaxing enough, this only jumps to a whole other level when everyone’s favorite time of the year arrives.

Everything changes to fit the Holiday-themed events: the environment, furniture, clothing, and all of the items adapt as well.

If you think your neighbors were cute, wait ‘til you see them on Christmas.

Gamer One - Animal Crossing New Leaf
Source: Nintendo


Honorable Mentions!

  • Stardew Valley

    All residents gather together around Pelican Town to celebrate something as magical as Stardew Valley, in winter.

The actual name of the event is Feast of the Winter Star, which not everyone is happy for its repetitive and obvious name… But you can’t deny it preserves its magic.

Gamer One - Stardew Valley Christmas
Source: Chucklefish


  • Kingdom Hearts II: Halloween Town

Anyone who would say that combining Final Fantasy themes with the “world of Disney” doesn’t work could be right… Until they give the Kingdom Hearts series a try.

And if you’re a fan of Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, then this won’t be too hard to do so!

Not a fan of JRPG myself, but I can still tell you for sure that this Japanese Halloween x Xmas crossover fits surprisingly well.

Gamer One - Kingdom Hearts II — Halloween Town
Source: Square Enix | Disney


  • The Escapists: Santa’s Sweatshop and Santa’s Shakedown

The little elves look cute, don’t they? Well, don’t get too close, because they’re fugitives.

This game is about surviving and escaping prison, so it’s not the most child-friendly subject of all. Still, they managed to add free Holiday-themed DLCs… Not once, but twice.

Three times, after its sequel (The Escapists 2) was released.

Gamer One - The Escapists Santa’s Sweatshop
Source: Mouldy Toof


  • Plague Inc: Santa’s Little Helper:

“The world is dark and gloomy. Boring governments worldwide have banned holidays, laughter, and celebrations. Humanity has forgotten how to have fun – people dress in gray and spend all their time working.

Luckily, the Neurax Worm has teamed up with Santa and is determined to infect the whole world with joy and happiness. Can Santa’s little helper make a miracle happen?” — Plague Inc., Santa’s Little Helper introduction paragraph.

Probably the nearest thing we have to a post-COVID 19 Holiday scenario.

To win with this Neurax worm, you have to make the world’s population happy.

Gamer One - Plague Inc - Santa's Little Helper
Source: Nmedic Creations


Too Long; Don’t Read (TL;DR)

So far, these are the TOP 12 video games with holiday-themed Events to play during this Christmas + bonuses.

Are there any other games that you like to play during the holidays?

Maybe have some interesting ones we can pick up this season?

“Taking it all in all, with the walk and the evening, and the blessed sense of charity, so rare in me,—the feeling, natural at such a moment that even my worst enemies in college were really funny and odd rather than detestable, while my friends were ‘the many men so beautiful’—this was as good a day as I could wish to have.”
C.S. Lewis on Christmas Eve


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