Team’s “News of the Week” (March 16th – March 23rd)


Times are thankfully changing. The second week of March (16th-23rd) brought another all-woman pro team, big esports-related construction plans, regulatory bodies, and records.

Would you like to know what I’m talking about?

Scroll further and you’ll see.



1) “Wild” Partnerships: NiP x WWF + Amuck x Guru + NRG x Hot Pockets

Quite unexpected, the Wildlife conservation organization World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) will collaborate with CS: GO esports organization for its Earth Hour 2021 campaign.

They’ll produce a series of virtual streams (March 13th-28th) to raise funds for wildlife conservation.

Then, the “Earth Hour” will take place on March 27th, to encourage the world population to switch off electronic devices for an hour in a pro to the planet’s nature.


Then, we have the partnership between Canadian “Amuka Esports” and Energy-drink Brand GURU, which will provide the team’s players with its “organic, plant-based energy drinks.”

They will be available for purchase at Amuka venues: Waves Gaming (Toronto) and EZY Mode (Ontario)

To make the most out of it, both companies have decided to set challenges (from March 18 – April 22) for their social media followers, to reward the best messages of gaming and outdoor activities, under the #Gurugoodenergy hashtag.


Finally, the least expected: NRG Esports with their largest-ever sponsorship deal, with Nestle’s Hot Pockets” brand to assess naming rights to NRG’s “Content Castle” studio, player’s jersey branding, and a good amount of its social media content.

NRG x Hot Pockets




2) Layoffs on Activision Blizzard: Esports and European Offices

Activision Blizzard Esports has announced the lay-off of 190 or so employees.

According to the company, it represents a cost-saving and business-restructuring measure.

While the COVID-19 pandemic could be the one to blame, today’s news is especially controversial as being just one of many lay-offs announcements in the last two years (around 800 employees in total) despite more profits and benefits to its CEO.

Activision Blizzard Esports

While the first section was just talking about its “Esports” division, it’s important to state that the main organization is also issuing new layoff rounds for its European publishing offices (France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, UK).

Spokespersons mention this won’t impact live operations, customer support, or development studios.




3) Esports Constructions: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and Chicago City Arena

The “London Legacy Development Corporation” (LLDC) has outlined the roadmap for an esports cluster that helps expand the “multiple billion-dollars industry” into the east of London.

This remarkable “Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park” was chosen for its proximity to other esports teams and engagement with specialized esports institutions.

All of its partnerships, collaborations, and local initiatives will be handled by a dedicated team of marketing and communication experts.


On the Near South Side of Chicago, we find the $30Million esports “Surge” arena project. You can see its rendering down below.

Rendering of the Surge Arena

This one was proposed by ECD Company, an Illinois-based developer. They guarantee its 108,000 square feet structure will hold up to 1,040 people as game participants or spectators.

It will include restaurants, bars, and all kinds of places for local schools to organize events.



4) GGWP Raises $350K in Initial Funding

GGWP startup raised over $350,000 to maintain the rapidly-accelerating development of its creator marketplace and esports education platform tied to marketing in the industry.


This happened through a pre-seeding round, so the official first round would come while the group currently develops through the Australian/New Zealand startup-accelerator program “Startmate.”

They invest in several companies every year and don’t plan to stop soon.

Jacqueline Garrett (GGWP Founder) wants to provide the ultimate online resource for branding and content monetization.
Fun fact: The marketing budget for GGWP’s beta release was $30 per week, getting around 4,000 US-based gamers.



5) 1v1 Launches Gaming Wagering App After Raising $2M Pre-Seed

Tech startup 1v1Me took it to the next level, announcing $2M of financing during the pre-seed round to release its gaming wagering platform.

Among the participating investors, are included:

  • AngelList Access Fund
  • Albert Cheng
  • Ali Hamed
  • Anthony Pompliano
  • Austin Rief
  • BettorCapital
  • Cody and Cole Hock
  • Hannah “NoisyButters” Bryan
  • Erik Torenberg
  • On Deck
  • Sterling.VC
  • Lightshed Ventures
  • Turner Novak
  • Niv Dror
  • Hannah “NoisyButters” Bryan
  • Justin Waldron
  • Trevor McFedries
  • Julie Young
  • Ian Borthwick
  • Stephen Sikes

Founded in 2020 by Anthony Geranio and Alexander Emmanuel, The 1v1Me app is fee-free for players to bet on their own 1v1 matches.



6) Kevin Durant “No-Brainer” Investment: Andbox Group, owners of NY Subliners

Kevin Durant officially joins Andbox, the group owner of CDL’s New York Subliners team (which came Third at the first 2021 Majors) and Overwatch League’s NY Excelsior.

The current Brooklyn Nets player is just one among many celebrities (as actor Michael B. Jordan) who trust the firm for their esports investments.

They have also formed closed big investments and formed partnerships with “Bobble Plays” and “CDNThe3rd.
As for Kevin Durant, his goals are to “raise brand awareness, collaborate with gamers on online tournaments and live events, and create custom merchandise and apparel.”



7) Nevada’s First-Ever Esports Regulatory Body?

Ben Keickhefer, Nevada’s Senator, introduced a bill (Senate Bill 165) to create a commission of three members with the mission of governing esports in Nevada, just as the Nevada Athletic Commission governs MMA.

Nevada Esports

The reason behind this is to prove both Las Vegas and the estate of Nevada see this industry as a legitimate and flourishing entertainment property, like the UFC, which popularity grew exponentially after the NJSs “Athletic Control Board” added a safety “rule book” to the game.

Similarly, this one would seek to protect all esports-related events conducted in Nevada to ensure professionalism, on pa with traditional sports.

NRG Esports co-owner (Andy Miller) approves the endeavor and seeks to see more of it soon.



8) Fortnite: Team Disqualified from $3M FNCS Cup – New $3 Million All-Star Announced

Three Fortnite players were kicked from the $3 Million FNCS tournament after tweeting obscenely about Donald Mustard, Fortnite’s Chief Creative Officer.

Neither the post nor the poster’s account is available now. But just to give you an idea: Wrigley tweeted about how annoying it was for him and his buddies (Dictate and Userz) to finish 6th and still be kept at the bottom of the leaderboard, where they would have guaranteed some prize money if it hadn’t been obscene.

They could even have the chance to compete for the NA East Cup prize pool ($690,000). This happened right at the end of Season 5 and Epic Games has highlighted the winners.

And right after, it comes Chapter 2, Season 6 of Fortnite’s Invitational All-Star Showdown which will take word’s top Fortnite players to the island to compete from June 23 to June 26 for a shared $3 million pool.

The “Competitive Preseason” is currently taking place (March 16-23).



9) TSM: All-Women Valorant Roster and Doublelift Rejoins as Full-Time Streamer

Esports org TSM has two very important announcements this week.
The first is the addition of the All-women Valorant roster to its lineup.

You can see them competing in the Valorant Champions Tour Game Changers series, organized by Riot Games to open new competitive opportunities for all genders.

TSM All-woman Valorant Roster


The second announcement is the “comeback” of LoL star Doublelift. But this time, as a full-time streamer and content creator. This comes as a surprise for fans who watched him retire from the professional League of Legends scene in 2020.

This came as a surprise to him as well, because he wasn’t expecting as much success as he found while co-streaming (commentating and analyzing) the LCS, accumulating over 26,000 viewers.



10) “Fastest First Blood in Pro League of Legend History” by CLG

CLG hasn’t been the greatest team of this season’s LCS, but definitely, they have been the most aggressive and consistent during the early-game. They secured first blood in 16 out of 18 Spring Split games.
And it was during their match against Evil Geniuses, when CLG got first blood just 34 seconds into the game, breaking the record in League of Legends Professional history. The previous record was set by SK Telecom T1, in 2013’s Worlds, at 39 seconds.

CLG elegantly orchestrated their five-main march throughout the mid lane, where Smoothie’s Nautilus Flash + Q combo pulled EG in front of his team. Top laner “Finn” secured the kill.

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