Review of Rivals of Aether In 2021 🤜 Is It Still Worth It?


What are Rivals of Aethers? Why everyone has been talking about it?

Is it better and funnier than Super Smash Bros.?

Keep reading. We’ll answer these questions down below. 


RoA Review: What Is Rivals of Aether? Is It Worth It In 2021?

Rivals of Aether is a 16-bit platform fighting game based on Super Smash Land, which at the same time is a fan-made remake of Super Smash Bros.

RoA Release Date: Released for Microsoft Windows via Steam in March 2017, on Xbox One in August 2017, and on Nintendo Switch on September 24, 2020.

Rivals of Aether Trailer


A spin-off game, Creatures of Aether, was released for iOS and Android on September 28, 2020.

Creatures of Aether Trailer


Exactly as in Smash, the goal is to knock the opponents far out of the two-dimensional arena. Favoring offense more than defense, you can use your character’s basic moves, elemental-based attacks, or stage-affecting passive abilities (which Smash doesn’t offer).


Pros Cons
Likeable and fairly balanced roster Relatively small roster (compared to Smash)
Fan-made, playable fighters (DLC) Costly, in comparison to other games (Brawlhalla is free)
Active community/developer support Only available on 3 platforms (PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One) without crossplay


Rivals of Aether achieve frenetic, fast-paced gameplay only comparable with professional Super Smash matches. This is why I recommend playing with a Gamepad, whether in Versus, Tourney, Story, Abyss (Endless and Versus), Tetherball, Practice, and Online. 

There are 17 different maps to choose from (actually named “Stages”), each with two variants: Basic and Aether, which includes hazards mechanics and other environmental effects.


How Many People Play Rivals of Aether Nowadays?

According to Steam charts, Rivals of Aether averages 600/daily user count.

With some 500,000 units sold so far, RoA is forging an interesting, competitive scene and loyal player base under their elemental characters and aggressive gameplay.


Is Rivals of Aether Fun? Better than smash?

The answer you’ll get depends entirely on who you ask.
RoA players will say “yes”, while Smash players will say “not in a million years.”

But to be fair, Rivals of Aether is fun and remains unique for its features. Between the so-mentioned elemental tricks and two-frame delayed parries, you get an indie, but deeply satisfying experience as the “ding” sound you hear while counterattacking.


Is Rivals of Aether on Mobile?

Yes, it is… And is called “Creatures of Aether.” This mobile card game spin-off is based on the Rivals of Aether universe. You can download it on Android and iOS.

It has its offerDiscord server and evolving wiki.

But if you’re only interested in starting with the classic fighting game, here’s how you start playing…


How to Install and Uninstall Rivals of Aether?

You can play Rivals of Aether on PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One, available at $29,99 and $14,99 when bought on the Microsoft store

Once purchased, you follow the instructions the platform itself guides you through to download/install and start playing.

Of course, this also applies to uninstall the game.

To uninstall Rivals of Aether on Steam, you have to search for it on your game library, then to right-click on it, slide down to “Manage” and click once again on the “Uninstall” text that it will display.

To uninstall Rivals of Aether on Nintendo Switch, it is as simple as going to the “Home Screen” and then scroll to where the game is.

Once you find it, press the “+” button (of your right-hand controller) or the “-” button (of your left-hand controller).

Then select “Manage Software” and “Delete Software” respectively.
And to uninstall Rivals of Aether on Xbox One, you have to press the “Xbox” button and search for “My games & apps”. Select “Games” and then, the game you want to uninstall, highlight it, and press the ☰ button to see the “Manage Game” and “Uninstall” options.


How to Add Friends on Rivals of Aether?

Do you remember those times playing Super Smash with your friends? Would you like to try the same on Rivals of Aether?

Of course, you’ll first need to find such friendly players to join matches with. Follow these two methods to easily meet new people.


a) 2 Best Rivals of Aether Discord Servers

A big chunk of the Rivals community is centered around three Discord servers:

#2 – Rivals of Aether Academy: Beginners can find useful resources inside to gain knowledge.

#1 – Rivals of Aethers (RoA): The official Discord server is used by its worldwide player base.

Both are useful meet new people and interact between each other.

Although there’s no better place as G1 to do this?


b) G1 Community

What exactly is G1? This community welcome all RoA players, no matter the skill-level.

Inside, you can get known by sharing as much plays and memes as you want.

Additionally, we’re planning to create frequent giveaways to reward interaction.


Would you like to improve your gameplay? Let’s take a look at concepts and mechanics you should know to rise the ranks of this game.



How to Play Rivals of Aether and Get Better (Beginners Guide)

If this is your first time playing the game and you’re not too skillful with fighting games, I recommend you go through the Tutorial first.

This single-player mode teaches you all kinds of Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced movement, defense, and attack tips and tricks.

Of course, you can choose to skip it and instead, check either the Basic and Advanced game controls explanation or the following tips and tricks from the G1 team players:

  • Map out and know your controls: Not only does this game have additional control options that Smash doesn’t have, but also, is an entire new game, where keybinds/controls are set up differently.There are hundreds of controller schemes that could help you figure out the best mapping for you, no matter you use control or keyboard.
  • Learn from the best: Top players put out their best tips, tricks, and plays out there for you to learn from. Even the official Rivals of Aether YouTube channel hosts VODs of streamed matches from the Rivals Online Championship Series (ROCS).
  • Explore the Roster and Find your Main: This tip not only applies to fighting games but every multiplayer game out there.On a demanding game like Rivals of Aether, it’s necessary to test every one of the 14 characters in the roster and learn what are their advanced techniques (to leverage while attacking or to defend from).
    Rivals of Aether Roster
    If you’re just starting out, I’d recommend learning the game with some of the simpler characters, which include the following:

    – Absa: Representing the element lightning, Absa is a hard character to adapt due to her unique cloud-control playstyle. It’s as difficult to master, as it’s useful and versatile.Absa Rivals of AetherHer elemental powers are Cloud Control, Thunderbolt, and Condensed Storm.

    Absa Skins/Custom colors
    Absa SkinsCustom colors


    – Clairen: This design and playstyle of this sword traditional fighter is inspired on Marth from Smash. Not only does it increase more damage and produces knockback with the tip of its sword, but also makes it easier to start or extend combos.
    Clairen Rivals of AetherHer elemental powers are Ionized Tip, Plasma Echo, and Energy Field.

    Clairen Skins/Custom colors
    Clairen SkinsCustom colors


    – Elliana: This air-based mech-snake is a tricky character to use, because it requires strategic thinking and resource management. Some moves add heat, while others reduce it. If the heat bar fills completely and overheats, then her attacks will change.

    Elliana Rivals of Aether
    Her elemental powers are Overheat, Letting Off Steam, and Abandon Ship.

    Elliana Skins/Custom colors
    Elliana SkinsCustom colors


    – Etalus: This heavyweight and strong icy character uses large hitboxes and speed to overwhelm opponents. For example, he can lay down ice to boost his wavedash.

    As you can notice, his ice armor also provides strong defense.

    Etalus Rivals of AetherHis elemental powers are Home Ice Advantage, Armored Up, and Avalance.

    Etalus Skins/Custom colorsEtalus SkinsCustom colors


    – Forsburn: The smoky hyena is good at baiting and punishing, so players who can wait patiently for opponents to approach can capitalize using him.
    Forsburn Rivals of Aether
    His elemental powers are Smoke Screen, Decoy, and Consume/Combust.

    Forsburn Skins/Custom colors
    Forsburn SkinsCustom colors


    – Kragg: His attacks are slow and have low frame data, but benefit from huge hitbox and deals a lot of damage. Kragg is the right character zone, particularly with his neutral special.
    kragg Rivals of AetherHis elemental powers are Rock Hurl, Defense Ball, and Earth Pillar.

    Kragg Skins/Custom colors

    Kragg SkinsCustom colors


    – Maypul: This character can mark opponents, teleport to them, rushdown and execute long combos with her rapid-fire attacks. Her very high speed and mobility is insane if used right.
    maypul Rivals of AetherHer elemental powers are: Watcher’s Mark, Wrapped Up, and Sling Shot.

    Maypul Skins/Custom colors
    Maypul SkinsCustom colors

    – Orcane: Performs long combos and stage control with his quick, bubbling attacks.
    orcane Rivals of AetherHis elemental powers are Puddle Teleportation, Bubble Evaporation, and Water Amp.

    Orcane Skins/Custom colors
    Orcane SkinsCustom colors

    – Ori and Sein: They come from the game Ori and the Blind Forest by Moon Studios and were announced as a DLC at Rivals of Aether’s E3 2017 Direct Conference presentation. In September 24, 2020, they were placed within the base roster of the Definitive Edition.
    ori and sein Rivals of AetherTheir elemental powers are Spirit Flame, Bash, and Tag Team.

    Ori and Sein Skins/Custom colors
    Ori and Sein SkinsCustom colors


    – Ranno: One of the most complete characters in the roster, this bait-and-punish characters resembles Sheik in Super Smash Melee, built around large normals, strong recoveries, and fast ground speed.
    ranno Rivals of Aether
    His elemental powers are Poison Stacks, Toxic Trap, and Poison Spin.

    Ranno Skins/Custom colorsRanno SkinsCustom colors

    – Shovel Knight: From the game with his own name, Shovel Knight is an all-around resource mechanic. While the treasure hunter is a bit demanding in comparison; he’s able to provide himself some pasive buffs.
    shovel knight Rivals of Aether
    His elemental powers are Treasure Hunter, Shovel Drop, and Expert Fisherman.

    Shovel Knight Skins/Custom colors
    Shovel Knight SkinsCustom colors

    – Sylvanos: The plant wolf was originally a DLC character (“Sylvanos & Elliana” pack) but it’s not part of the base roster.
    sylvanos Rivals of Aether
    His elemental powers are Untamed Growth, Seed Shot, and Burrow.

    Sylvanos Skins/Custom colors
    Sylvanos SkinsCustom colors

    – Wrastor: Exactly as what you could imagine of an aviator bird, he can perform midair jumps with some decent-sized normals, as well as wind projectiles that leave trails across the screen.

    Wrastor probably offers the simplest mechanical designs in the game, despite being so powerful in the right hands.
    wrastor Rivals of Aether
    His elemental powers are Winged Flight, Wind Current, and Aerial Ace.

    Wrastor Skins/Custom colors

    Wrastor SkinsCustom colors


    – Zetterburn : This aggresive, burning lion is also simple to play but firey dangerous. His short-range light attacks and long-range fireballs burn opponents over time, as the heavys knockback.
    zetterburn Rivals of AetherHis elemental powers are Burn Damage, Wild Fire, and Fire Amp.

    Zetterburn Skins/Custom colorsZetterburn SkinsCustom colors

    In addition to the base roster, Guadua and Sandbert are the two official Steam Workshop characters. Sandbert was previously a joke character only on the April Fools version of the game but was eventually added to the main game through the workshop.
    Guadua and Sandbert


    7 Best Rivals of Aether Memes

    #1 – Lovers of Aether (Dating Sim): On year April Fools, Dan Fornace released a free dating sim game based on the characters the Rivals of Aether universe. Little did we knew that it will stay available long after this day.




    #2 –

    Rivals of Aether Meme 1
    Source: KnowYourMeme (Drakeposting)


    #3 – 

    Source: Imgur

    #4 – 

    Source: Imgur

    #5 –

    Rivals of Aether Meme 4
    Source: Imgur


    #6 –

    Source: Imgur


    #7 –

    Source: Imgur

    #8 –

    Source: Imgur


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