Review of Rainbow Six Siege in 2021 6️⃣ Is It Still Worth It?


Are you wondering how many people play Rainbow Six Siege? 

Would you like to find out if still is popular in 2021 or if is it dying?

Let’s answer this and more questions down below.


Review: What Is Rainbow Six Siege? Is It Worth It In 2021?

Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical shooter that heavily emphasized environmental destruction and player cooperation. 

Released date: after being released worldwide on December 1st, 2015, it marked the thirteenth installment in Tom Clancy’s Franchise, developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft Entertainment.

 PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X ports were released later on December 1st, 2020.

Those who bought the original version got the next-gen upgrade for free.

Rainbow Six Siege Trailer


Pros Cons
Wide variety of Operators and expanding Failing Matchmaking and Unstable Servers
DLC acquirable with in-game currency Slow progression system = frustrating grind
Friendly, supportive community  No single-player campaign


Based on teamwork, tactics, and tension: every map features highly tactical spots for both attackers and defenders to leverage on. The game started with ten maps in total. Other twelve themed were added throughout Year One, Two, Three, and Four.

Instead of introducing new ones recently; the developers have been working on map improvements based on the player base feedback. 

Gameplay only improves by the number of Operators to choose from. 

Dozens of them, each offering different weapons, abilities, and equipment.

You can customize all these items and Operators themselves.

So far, do you like what you’re reading? Are you ready to start playing?


How to Install Rainbow Six Siege?

Considering you can play the game either on PC, Xbox One/Series, and PlayStation 4/5, the process to follow is the same as you would with another game for the platform.

Cloud gaming players received good news very recently: GeForce Now and Google Stadia started to support Rainbow Six Siege. It will offer both cross-platform and cross-progression features.

Are you wondering how to Uninstall Rainbow Six Siege? Similarly, you follow the traditional uninstall process for the platform you’re using.


How to Find People to Play Rainbow Six Siege With

As every other gamer, we have answered questions for, League of Legends is also more fun when played with or against friends or teammates. 

So, this is what you have to do if you’ve been looking for groups (LFG), teams (LFT), or squad (LFS) lately.


a) In-game Request

First of all, it’s important to consider adding your closest friends in. If they haven’t played the game yet, you can invite them to join and earn rewards for doing so.

You only can invite new people through the referral program if you own the game or have played it over three hours with the Ubisoft+ subscription. This is currently available for PC players and those who doesn’t play already.

Visit the referral website, choose the invitee and select “Invite.” or copy-and-paste the unique invitation link from the program dashboard.


b) Top 3 Rainbow Six Siege (R6s) Discord Servers

Of course, the odds of having friends that don’t play but are interested, are lower than meeting R6 players. You can find them by joining the following Discord servers.

#3 – CCS: They’re the third-largest Rainbow Six Siege tournament organizer.

#2 – ESL Rainbow Six: Intended for both the players and admins of Rainbow Six within the ESL.

#1 – Rainbow 6: You can find news and teammates on the official Rainbow 6 server.


c) G1 Community

The R6 community is extremely divided between the amateurs and pros. Is there a place where they’re set together? Yes, there is…

And is called G1.

You’ll find all kinds of interactive tools inside the platform to finally stand out in the Rainbow Six Siege scene. We know it’s not easy, but it doesn’t have to be that hard.

R6 in 2021 Banner

Join in and squad up.


You can build your gaming portfolio so there’s a chance to get scouted or recruit the best talent for your team. 

Speaking of which – do you know what the best R6 teams and players are? 

Let’s find out.


Top 3 Rainbow Six Siege Pro Players Players in 2021

  1. Niclas “Pengu” Mouritzen: Not only the media but the community also thinks Pengu is the most decorated player in Rainbow Six. So far, he has won the Six Invitational back-to-back, four Pro League titles, one European title, one Major and one Minor, as well as the second-place finishes at the Six Major Raleigh and Season 7 of the Pro League.

    It would make sense, then after performing at the highest level throughout decorated full five years, Pengu has left G2 and the overall R6 competition. Luckily for his followers, he still creates content (mainly streams) on Twitch. 

    Pengu R6
    Source: GameFfine



  2. Jason “Beaulo” Doty: He was decorated as Siege’s most famous “Ranked Star” at the earliest game’s lifespan. He was considered a “God” as well as a “Hacker” which was proven wrong later on.He was hired by TSM as soon as becoming 18 years old. Since then, he brought a new wave of viewerships to the Pro League, as he helped lead TSM to a 3rd place victory at the Six Invitational.As Pengu, Beaulo currently has a successful Twitch streaming career.

    Beaulo R6
  3. Stéphane “Shaiiko” Lebleu: The only one who’s still playing at peak performance, but it wasn’t always like this. Shaiiko suffered a historical failure while playing at LANs that rapidly fixed for the Six Invitational, where he landed multiple aces with relative ease.

    Shaiiko R6
    Source: Twitter


3 Best Rainbow Six Siege Pro Teams of 2021

  • Ninjas In Pijamas (NiP): The Swedish organization is conformed by players that ranked in the top 10 list of best Rainbow Six Siege players of 2020. While we’re halfway to 2021, they’ve already proven dominance in form and achievements.
    Rainbow Six Siege Ninjas In pIjama
  • Team SoloMid (TSM FTX): Team SoloMid achieved most of their lifetime earnings from one tournament (2020 Six Invitational) and hasn’t stopped since then. Since then, they’ve put themselves into the #1 sport in NA.
    Rainbow Six Siege TSM Team SoloMid
  • BDS Esport: (BDS): Also known as Team BDS, is a Swiss esports organization that’s currently dominating the European competitive R6 scene. They won the “Six August 2020 Major (Europe)”, “European League 2020 – Stage 2”, and “6 French League Season 2”. Recently, have managed to land 2nd in “European League 2020 Finals” and “European League 2021 – Stage 1.”
    Rainbow Six Siege BDS Esport

Would you like to know what differentiates players from teams like these to those who are barely starting? 


Rainbow Six Siege (R6) Beginners Guide (Tips & Tricks)

Well, Rainbow Six Siege is a complex and overwhelming game but here you have to make it easier. This guide is full of tips & tricks that will help you win more of your first matches.


  1. Follow the Process: If this is your first time on the game, IU recommend you going through the short tutorials (to get a good overview). As a bonus, you’ll get 200 renowned(in-game currency) for each you go through.

    Second, you should step into Situations, which aren’t more than a more actionable walkthrough before playing PvP. You can also get into Terrorist Hunt and test what you’ve learned so far against AI bots, with real teammates.

    Third, hook into the Casual game mode, if you feel you understand what you’re doing. Then last, you can play Ranked, competitive matches to climb your way from Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, up to Diamond.

    You’ll need to reach level 20 to play this game mode.

  2. Understand Operators and Team Composition: As of the latest update, there are a total of 42 different operators to choose from (21 each on attack and defense). According to Ubisoft, their goal is to create 100 total OPs.Rainbow Six Siege OperatorsNow, getting used to one among several of them is key to get better. They can be classified by roles or types, like Breachers, Angle Watchers, or Intel Gatherers, which creates hundreds of possibilities for 5-player teams.If you’re interested in going deeper into the topic of compositions, then check these guides on Attack and Defense ones from R6siegecenter.


  1. Play the Objective: If you play Rainbow Six Siege as you do with other first-person shooters like Call of Duty, then you won’t stand a chance in medium-to-high level matches.

    You might feel that it’s more exciting to kill than any other thing, but attackers that plant the defuser and defend it, as well as those defenders who burn time and prevent the plant, are who win a lot and successfully raise in ranks.

  2. Pre-Fire & Re-Peek: These two are gameplay-related mechanics that change your win ratio without much effort.

    First of all, pre-firing means shooting before seeing your enemy, assuming their position as firing as soon as you can to gain a reaction-time advantage and win more engagements. This is possible through intel spotting.

    The second technique has to do with peeking, which is getting views of angles with the least possible body exposure.

    While peeking is a must (especially done fast, because your perspective is in the middle of the body thus your enemy can see you before you could see them otherwise), re-peeking at the same angle is equal to being pre-fired.

    Instead, adjust your peek position and only peek once they stop shooting.
    Also, be the one who pre-fires the last position they peeked at to kill easily.

  • Know your Surroundings: Nothing is more tactical than your senses.

    Visually, you shouldn’t, by all means, forget that you have a tactical drone (attackers) and cameras (defenders)  with you to gather intel around the map.
    R6 Camera and DroneAudibly, you can hear everything that occurs around you. As in real life, sounds above are easy to hear, and sounds below are extremely difficult to spot.

    To change this, smartly break glass and other structures to help you know when someone is nearby. But be careful, because blasting a hole somewhere can turn around you, notifying the enemy team about your spot.

  1. Destructability: Among the game’s unique features, there is the fact of how much you can destroy the map. Most walls are soft and can be torn down with shots unless a defender reinforces it. Concrete and stone surfaces are hard, while floors and ceilings are semi-hard.Rainbow Six Siege Destructability 1R6 Destructability


  • Don’t Get Trapped or Castle Objectives: Tension and unawareness can be overwhelming, especially if you consider how each map is differently built.For that reason, some players decide to anchor into a site, instead of roaming around the “labyrinth”, which is one of the most frequent ways to die.

    Taking into account that map knowledge is something that you acquire with practice, then I recommend you to get out of there and rotate smartly.

    If you’re still part of this group that doesn’t move as much, then there are some chances you’re also part of the newcomers that reinforce every wall and doorway of the objective room.

    Be aware: this doesn’t help. Your team should always be ready for a retake.

  • Keep Yourself Updated and Adapt your Gameplan: Staying up to date with the season updates that occur every three months and contains new operators, reworks, and balances are hard – but necessary – to improve.

    The easiest way to adapt to the meta is by following Rainbow Six Siege content creators like KingGeorge, CrossArchon, Get_Flanked, and coreross.

  • Communicate with Team; Play with Friends: Rainbow Six Siege is not a game for lone wolves. You can be good at FPS and hit Ace’s without much problem, but rounds and matches are often won for those who synergize in a team.

    That’s why, our second last tip, is to preferably play with friends that understand your playstyle, and the other way around.

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