Review of PUBG in 2021 🪂 Is It Still Worth It?


Are you wondering if PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) is still a good game to play in 2021? Would you like to know if it keeps being popular?

Maybe you found it accidentally… Someone told you about it… Or you play it already.

Whatever the case, we might answer one or many of your game-related questions today.


Review: What Is PUBG? Is It Worth It In 2021?

First of all… When was PUBG released?

The online multiplayer battle royale game, released for PC (via Steam) in 2017 is considered the first of its kind. Brendan PlayerUnknown” Greene developed a mod for other games (such as Arma 2), inspired by the Japanese film “Battle Royale.”

Some type of test was later released for the Xbox One with the help of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Preview program. Then fully released in September 2018. 

A new survival horror game, named “The Callisto Protocol” based on the PUBG universe, is being created right now. Striking Distance is the studio behind it, which is led by the head developer of the Dead Space series. It’s planned to release in 2022.



Its mobile version (PUBG Mobile) was also released in 2018 for Android and iOS devices, as well as a PlayStation 4 port. Although the latest PUBG big release was in April 2020 for the Google Stadia streaming service.

While PUBG features cross-platform for most of them, it doesn’t for PC. This is because these players often have the technical advantage over others, let’s say, mobile gamers.


Pros Cons
Unpredictable variables make it unique  Old-time users might feel it becomes repetitive
Massive community and developer support Unpredictable performance hits
Novel “battle royale” concept Not fully optimized

Whether you have or haven’t played a battle-royale genre game, here’s how it goes: One hundred players (yourself included) parachute onto one of four areas. On land, scavenge for equipment and weapons to kill others while avoiding getting killed.

Every match of 30 minutes (average) is challenging from the beginning, considering how the plane’s flight path varies with each round, and how the available size of the map’s safe area decreases over time. The last player or team standing wins.

Some areas of the map will even be bombarded, while others will be full of enemy players (with the number of them increasing while the map shrinks).

If you’re smart, then you’ll be able to spot good loot fast. If you have good aim, you’ll be able to kill someone and extract their loot. If you’re fast, you can reach loot packages that drop randomly from the sky before others do. 


How many people play PUBG? (Player Count/Steam Charts)

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is without questions, one of the biggest multiplayer games we got in the past decade. And despite its ban on India and China (target countries), it remains very popular in several countries.

Internationally, its steam PC port gathers an average of 400,000 active players every month, with an all-time peak of 3 million. Surprisingly enough, it still gathers a higher monthly player count than Apex Legends, which was massively updated recently.

PUBG is one of the best-selling, highest-grossing, and most-played video games, selling over 70 million PC and console copies, plus 1 billion of total downloads that PUBG Mobile has accumulated as of March 2021.

How much money has PUBG made?

Trusted sources claim PUBG net worth roughly estimates to $5 billion. It grossed $4.3 billion on mobile devices alone as of December 2020.

How exactly do PUBG owners get money?

While their business model is free-to-play, their income comes from in-game cosmetics, sponsorships, tournaments, and merchandise.

And whose’s pockets is this money going to?

PUBG and 117 other applications were banned in India, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Korea, Jordan, Nepal, Israel, and Iraq this year, due to border tensions between the Government of this country and China.

It is surprising to see China banning the game, considering that Tencent Games distributes it in the country. Their proposed solution was a separate version called “Game For Peace” replacing blood and paying tribute to the Sky Warriors.

The argument was, the game engaged users in prejudicial activities to sovereignty/integrity, defense, and security, as well as their mental and physical health, due to the screen time effects, propagated violence, and addictiveness.


How to Find People to Play PUBG With

PUBG is not only a funnier game to play with friends, but also it becomes easier to win that way. For that reason, we encourage you to find people to play PUBG with if you like to remain alive for longer and want to have a lot of fun with new friends.


Here are three ways for you to find groups (LFG), teams (LFT), or squad (LFS): 


a) In-game Request

You can add friends into your PUBG friend by clicking/press the “Follow” button while viewing that person’s profile. To do that, you need to have played with that player recently or have searched for its displayed username.

Now, you’ll notice that the friend list is divided into four sections. The first shows players who play on the same platform, while the second displays those from others.

The third features your most recent teammates and the last, fourth section contains your current teammates.

You can invite your friends to play by clicking, pressing, or tapping the “+” icon present next to your friend’s username. This applies to every platform.

Take into account, there’s a limit of 369 friends you can have on your list. So, the only way to add someone once you reach the ceiling is by deleting someone from your list. 

To “unfriend” someone on PUBG, just access your friend list and press on the remove option (X) next to its name. Continue to click or press “OK”.


b) Top 3 PUBG Discord Servers

It’s getting harder to meet new people inside PUBG?

Then, why not on a platform you already use, like Discord?

#3 – /r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS: The largest PUBG subreddit has its discord server.

#2 – PUBG Mobile: The official PUBG community is dedicated to the mobile port.

#1 – PUBG Official (PC/Consoles/Stadia): The best/largest discord server for PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. It contains members from all platforms.


c) G1 Community

The easiest and fastest way to find new PUBG users to play with is G1.

We invite everyone in and encourage you to share your username, as well as your plays and memes as much as you want.

And don’t miss our future in-game currency giveaways.

PUBG in 2021 BannerWant to play PUBG?


PUBG Esports (Competitive Play)

Most PUBG players inside the G1 community are casuals, but there are some long-lasting pro’s inside as well. Would you like to know everything about the competitive scene, as too is how to get into PUBG esports?

What we know so far, is that KRAFTON, Inc., responsible for PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) entertainment properties, held an online press conference about PGI.S that detailed the upcoming 2021 eSports plans for PUBG

Minho Yi, head of PUBG’s esports, spoke during the conference about the exact upcoming events that will take place on the schedule/direction of the entire program.

He said four world PUBG esports events will take place in 2021. 

One of them includes the return of the PUBG Continental Series (PCS) thanks to last year’s successful event. More specifically, PCS4 will be held in June and PCS5 in September. These regional events occur in Europe, Asia, and the Americas (including NA and LATAM).

It will culminate in November with the PUBG Global Championship (PGC). Teams will qualify based on the points accumulated during the PCS regional tournaments.


They also announced the ESL PUBG Masters series. These four tournaments will split between two regions (America and Europe), each with a $50,000 (£35,812) prize pool.

Titled “Phase “, it starts with the Americas region on April 7th. It consists of three rounds and a group stage that leads to the grand finals. Teams competing ESL PUBG Masters will be able to collect PUBG Global Championship (PGC) Qualification Points.

LATAM and NA teams will be divided throughout the competition until they reach the Grand Finals, which are expected to happen in July or August. 

PUBG ESL 2021 Americas Format

Instead, ESL PUBG Masters’ European edition should kick-off Qualifiers on March 31st in a “Spring” tournament. The only variant from the Americas format is that it will include two stages and finish with a qualifier, set right before the Grand Finals start on April 23rd-25th.

Besides this, a series of three European tournaments (called ESL PUBG Open) is scheduled for later this year. Each will offer a $2,000 (£1,432) prize pool. Anybody can take part in the event, to compete with the top competitors who will receive direct invitations.

PUBG ESL 2021 Europe Format


Best PUBG Memes


PUBG Meme 1


PUBG Meme 2


PUBG Meme 3


PUBG Meme 4


PUBG Meme 5


PUBG Meme 6


PUBG Meme 7

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