Review of SpellBreak in 2021 🧙 Is It Still Worth It?


The battle royale genre has been dominating the gaming world lately and sadly, the beautifully creative SpellBreak hasn’t got the attention it deserves.

 Is Spellbreak worth buying? Well, the class-based third-person shooter is free-to-play, so you won’t have to spend a dime to play. But is it worth playing? 

That’s what we’ll find out about now.


Review: What Is SpellBreak? Is It Worth It In 2021?

SpellBreak is a projectile-based PVP x battle royale developed by Proletariat where you use magic-spelling gauntlets instead of guns.  It supports cross-play and cross-progression.


When was SpellBreak Released? 

The official launch/release date was on September 3, 2020, after two beta phases (Closed Beta 1: October 15th, 2019 – January 3rd, 2020 and Closed Beta 2: March 3rd, 2020 – July 20th, 2020).


Pros Cons
Magic combat: creative BR approach  High difficulty peak
Pretty fantasy art style Low player count
Cross-play and cross-progression  Slow progression system with boring cosmetics 


There are six elemental classes to choose from for your gauntlets: wind, fire, ice, lightning, stone, and toxic. You start single-handed with one gauntlet but get the chance to equip a second one, on the other hand, later on in the match.

Primary (spells) and secondary (sorcery) attacks can be combined and interactions depend on the mixed elements. You can also carry one “Rune” to fly, teleport, or become invisible.

Attacks and levitation are limited by “Mana” which is consumed as an energy pool.  

Normally, it recharges at a 10% rate per 0.01s of the bar. And you can either equip Amulets to expand the Max Mana capacity or choose the “Mana Blessings” to increase max mana, as well. 

Other stats to focus on, are health, armor, and speed, which you can get with gear and potions. Normally, all players start the match with a baseline of 100 max health, 0 max armor, 50-70 Max Mana, and  21.5 / 24.5 run speed (the last two depend on game mode).

Current game modes include battle royale and Dominion, a 5v5 mode featuring control points that replaced Clash. Also, you can create or join custom matches (can only be started with a minimum of 3 players per team) as well as the Practice arena and the 9-step Tutorial.


SpellBreak Trailer


Dying in-game transforms you into a ball of light. In that state, you can wander around slowly for a limited time to get someone to revive you. But this will be over before the time ticks if an enemy player sees you first and exiles you.

42 players in total drop into the match, with a max capacity of three players on your squad.


How Many People Play SpellBreak? (Player Count/Steam Charts)

According to SteamCharts, an average of 400 players connect every day to play SpellBreak.

That’s a low number when compared to other battle royales like Apex Legends or PUBG.

This is because most new players abandon the game after being matched against experienced others, after some minutes waiting in the lobby.

But if you still want to try the game out (which I recommend), then just read it down below.


How to Install/Uninstall SpellBreak?

SpellBreak is available for Windows PC (Steam and Epic Store), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. To install the game and start playing, you can either…


  1. Click on this link to visit the official website, then select your platform and click on “PLAY FREE NOW.” It will take you to the respective device’s store to sign in and remotely install.
  2. You can also either search for the game by typing “SpellBreak” on the device store’s search bar, or scroll between the “free games” of your platform’s store.


Similarly, you can uninstall SpellBreak by following the standard process used to delete every other game out of your PC, PlayStation, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch console.

Although there aren’t many reasons to uninstall SpellBreak unless you’re playing alone.

But why would you… When you can play with friends?


How to Add Friends in SpellBreak?

Meeting new people through SpellBreak is not only possible but very easy as well.

Just try these three methods if you’re looking for a group (LFG), team (LFG), or clan (LFC)?


a) In-game: To add someone inside the game, you only have to select the “Friends” tab placed on top of the lobby menu and add your friend’s Spellbreak ID.

You’ll be able to invite that person to your game’s party by clicking on its name once the friend request is accepted. Here’s a short video that teaches you exactly that:



b) SpellBreak Discord Server: While there are unofficial discord servers organized by dedicated Spellbreak streamers, the best you can join in is, the official one. Inside, you can check the discussions, support, matchmaking, and educative channels.


c) G1 Community – Free Skins

You can cross-play SpellBreak with friends that already signed in (which is a rare case), you could meet someone through the discord server… 

Or you could join the dedicated G1 community. Amateurs and pros are all invited!

SpellBreak in 2021 Banner

Although most members are experienced. Do you want to know why?

They follow all of the following tips and tricks from this SpellBreak beginners guide


SpellBreak Beginners Guide (Tips & Tricks)

Almost everyone who starts playing the game claims that SpellBreak is too hard. 

That learning curve can be saved by learning what you’ll read below.


1) Learn the Map and Loot: Spellbreak’s map is wide and varied, with different landscapes and treasure chest spawn locations. To get some early advantage, you can try to remember where they’re more likely to appear and land there.

Getting a secondary gauntlet and an armor belt when starting the match helps a lot.

By the way, legendary chests can be found on the map as big circles. They take 20 seconds to open and provide 4 epic or legendary items.


2) Potion Duration: In this game, potions aren’t instant but actually, take some time to apply the healing effect. While small potions are quick, big potions are slow.

Take this into account for extreme scenarios when it’s better to escape or attack instead of trying to heal.


3) Don’t Be Afraid and Fight: Yes, fleeing or hiding during a tight matchup might seem like the best strategy, but battle royale’s loot system always benefits those who aren’t afraid to fight at all times for good gear.

4) Stack Health Potions and Armor Shards: What can you do to increase the healing rate? You can consume more than one health potion and armor shard before battle, considering both items heal over time.


5) Manage Mana: You’ll be surprised about how quickly mana may run out and how slowly charges up, so be careful about spamming levitation or combining spells all the time. Instead, try to use it for actual team fights or objectives.


6) Invisibility is not completely Invisible: While it’s fun to use this skill, it’s not as effective as you think. Because enemy players are often experienced, they know that they can see a faint distortion and color change to where the character is.


7) Leverage your duos’ and squad’s skills: You can combine your skills with your teammate’s sorceries and use theirs for movements, as you would with your own.


8) Projectiles collide: Who said attacks can’t be used to defend yourself? You can counter-attack most enemy blasts by throwing yours and hitting them.


9) Hide on Trees: You can land on the branches of trees to hide from view for a couple of seconds, safe enough to consume a potion or shard and heal up. Large bushes don’t work as well. Use runes not only to dodge skills but also to position yourself up.


10) Master One Gauntlet: Almost everyone tries the whole set of gauntlets when first playing SpellBreak, but there’s no need to try learning all of them at the same time. Once you know what you like the most, focus mainly on that one and master it.

This is because different elemental spells make for different playstyles and strategies.

James Clarke

James Clarke

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