Review of Rocket League in 2021 🏎️ Is It Still Worth It?


Would you like to know if Rocket League is still popular and worth buying/playing in 2021?

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Review: What Is Rocket League? Is It Worth It In 2021?

Rocket League cross-genre arena battler combines soccer and racing games into one to become one of the most popular esports. This isn’t the first project that does it, because it’s considered the sequel of Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars.

Release date: Rocket League was released on July 7, 2015 for Steam and PS4, February 17, 2016 for Xbox One, November 14, 2017 for Nintendo Switch, and September 2020 for GeForce Now

Rocket League Trailer


Cross-platform play and cross-platform progression are supported between all platforms.


Pros Cons
Flexible gameplay and car editor AI often doesn’t work (especially teammates)
Rules and objectives are straightforward Long Matchmaking recently
Community is loyal and still pretty active Occasional In-game Lag

In every match of Rocket League, two teams of eight players or one-to-one use their rocket-powered vehicles to hit a ball into the opponent’s goal and score points until the five minutes timer ticks. Casual and Ranked tied games will end with sudden-death overtime.

The excitement occurs due to the ability of your car to jump high and hit the ball in mid-air, as well as a ride through the walls. You gain speed bypassing by marked spaces in the field, boost fast enough to gain momentum, or ram another car and destroy it.

Rocket League also includes a single-player “season” mode to compete against computer-controlled players (AI), as well as the “Custom Training” sequences to create specific shots-on-goal situations, for own practice or to share it with others. 


How Many People Play Rocket League In 2021?

As far as what ActivePlayer reports, an average of 90.5 million people played in March.

SteamCharts claim that 82,417 people were online in Rocket League around the same time.


How to Install Rocket League?

There is some good and bad news for you.

First of all, Rocket League is now free-to-play (since 2020) but unfortunately, you can’t play it on Steam anymore (in the case of being a PC gamer) so the Steam Workshop creations aren’t available anymore. At least not so easily or cheaply.

Some tutorials explain how to still get it, after being taken down from the platform.

So, one of the methods to Install Rocket League and start playing is by going to the official website ( and click on “Play Free!”. After that, you’ll see the icons of the available platforms: Epic Games (PC), PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Continue to click on the one that corresponds to yours. Inside the official store, you’ll have to click on the Rocket League icon that says “free” and proceed to sign in to your account.

Once connected, you’ll be able to press “Install” and see how it loads on your PC or console.

The alternative method is by going directly through the Epic Games client or console’s store, look for Rocket League by its name or under the “Free” games section and install.


How to Uninstall Rocket League?

Exactly as you would do with another game on the respective platform.


How to Find People to Play Rocket League With

Traditional sports are exciting to watch and play with friends. Same as esports games.

But it’s double fun if you play a game based on two traditional sports, with friends.

What are the best places for those looking for groups (LFG), teams (LFT), or squad (LFS)?


a) In-game Request


Top 2 Rocket League Discord Servers

If you aren’t lucky finding some to play with in-game, you can always find in Discord those to play the game. Which Discord servers are we talking about?

#2 – Rocket League Hub: fan-made community with +30,000 active players.

#1 – Rocket League (Official): Developer-run server with over 500,000 members.


b) G1 Community

While Discord servers are widely populated, they are never guided. So you enter blindfolded and turn angry when you see so much activity doesn’t result in a new friend.

Instead, the G1 community is considered the most wholesome Rocket League community.

You can share your clips, memes, and items for trade inside. Or participate in the giveaways.

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Is this what you’re looking for?


Rocket League Beginners Guide (Tips & Tricks)

Or are you looking for some tips and tricks to start playing with the right foot? This guide is aimed at beginners. 

1) Understand your Controls and Adjust your Settings: Rocket League can be played on different platforms, with different controls. So, here’s what each button does (ordered by PlayStation/Xbox/PC/Switch) to reassign on preferences.

– Accelerate: R2/RT/W/ZR

– Reverse: L2/LT/S/ZL

– Steer: L/L/A,D/L

– Jump: X/A/Right-Mouse/B

– Boost: Circle/B/Left-Mouse/A

– Powerslide: Square/X/Shift/Y

– Air Steer/Pitch: L/L/W,A,S,D/L

– Air Roll: Square/X/Shift/Y

– Voice Chat: R1/RB/F/R

– Focus On Ball: Triangle/Y/Space/X

They are fine like this and you don’t have to change these right at the start of your game, but it doesn’t hurt to find the perfect combination you’re comfortable with (especially on split-screen mode). These can be changed in controls, inside settings.


2) Learn Movement Mechanics: This game is extremely satisfying to play due to its movement mechanics. And if you’re starting, there’s a great chance you discover alone how to jump, turn, boost, or dodge, but not how to do these…

Basic Aerials: To soar your car across the field, tilt it back 45 degrees while jumping and holding the boost button down.

Double-Jumping: You’ll get more air time by tapping the jump button twice.

Flipping: Press a direction of the steering mechanism plus double-tap jump, at the same time, to make your car flip forward (helpful to get back in a hurry). 


3) Learn How to Rotate: In both two-vs-two and three-vs-three, the most common strategy is to get one team member to go after the ball to score, while the other/s play behind, getting ready to support or retreat.

Now, what the attacker should do after losing momentum, is to rotate back and let the teammate/s go on the offensive. This system is essential to climb the ranks because guarantees a better attack and defense.

4) Don’t Chase the Ball; Hit it: If you see the ball, you’ll immediately think about chasing and hitting it. While it may be enticing to be the goal scorer, there are times that your teammate has a better angle to go for it.

Instead of playing a constant chase of it; try to predict where it will go and position yourself there, along with your teammate. And don’t worry, that with practice, you’ll get used to its movement, to then jump to more techniques.

By the way, if you see the chance to hit, reconsider were to do it. Hitting the ball with the wheels on the ground will make it fly into the air. However, to make it go stray, on the ground, you’ll want to jump into the air and hit a bit on top.

On the other hand, hitting the ball exactly in the middle will make it go fast forward (no up or down).

5) Boost Management: Boosting is another addictive mechanic that you can’t get enough of, so you’ll use it (in this case, burn it) as much as you possibly can.

This is a mistake. The rule of thumb is to not use the boost unless you need to. For example, you’ll need it as a quick accelerant to perform an aerial trick or to rush back and protect. Most of the time, you’ll only need small amounts.

6) Play With Friends: As mentioned, it’s not only more enjoyable but also increases your odds of winning, while it lowers the odds of rage quitting either on casual or ranked.

The truth is, everyone’s playstyle is different, so being able to communicate or even instinctively predict your teammate’s moves will improve your playstyle as well. 



Best Rocket League Memes


Rocket League Meme 1 Rocket League Meme 3 Rocket League Meme 6 Rocket League Meme 7 Rocket League Meme 8 Rocket League Meme 9 Rocket League Meme 10

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