Quick Beginners Guide To Valorant

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What Is Valorant?

Valorant is a character based tactical shooter, that is somewhat of a blend between Counter-Strike and Overwatch.

In Valorant there are two teams of five players (5v5 format) that take turns to defend and attack. In the standard game mode, a Valorant match is played over 24 rounds.

The team that secures 13 rounds first wins the game. Before each match, every player gets the opportunity to select a character, called an Agent.

Each team can only select one of each Agent characters so there are no two of the same characters on a single team.

Agents have different abilities, so it pays to learn each Agent’s abilities to better understand their strengths (and weaknesses).

There are four different classes to choose from, these are Duelist, Initiator, Sentinel, and Controllers.

Each Agent comes with the main ability, an ultimate trick if you will, which gets charged up over time, however, you can pick up orbs throughout the map to accelerate the charging of this ultimate.

Agents will have the opportunity during the pre-round to buy two more abilities using credits, whilst you wait for the next round to start.

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How To Play Valorant? 

Attackers win rounds by either eliminating the opponent’s team or by detonating the Spike. A Spike is a bomb, which needs to be planted on one of the three reactor sites on the map.

If you are playing the role of the attacker, then you will have 1min 40 secs to coordinate an attack that involves planting a Spike or going full GOAT and just focus your strategy on eliminating all of the enemies.

Defenders win rounds by stopping the opposition from detonating the Spike. It’s as simple as that.


Before each round, you and your team have the opportunity to buy abilities and guns using credits.

You will always start out with the default Classic sidearm and abilities, before you have had a chance to earn credits and make those valuable upgrades.


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Tips For Valorant Begginers

Firstly, running makes noise so it’s often better to walk rather than run otherwise your footsteps can be heard by your enemy.

If you’re running and you see an opponent, it also helps to stop moving before firing as it otherwise takes a while for your aim to settle.

As you get better, moving and shooting will become second nature. The crosshair is what you use to aim your weapon at your opponents.

When moving, walking, or running, always try to keep your crosshairs at head height as this just helps with often split-second timing to get a shot out at your opponent.

You will have a better chance of landing a kill shot if you hit them in the head than point your crosshairs at the ground whilst moving.

If you want to move quickly then switching to your knife will allow you to move faster than running with a gun out. Although remember to switch back to your gun as soon as you hear or see an opponent.

And lastly, whilst guns and weapon upgrades are a good idea, don’t forget to buy armor before your next round starts.

There are two types of armor, one more expensive than the other, costing 400 credits vs 1,000 credits.

The difference between them is one gives you 25 extra health, and the other gives you 50 extra health, with both types of armor absorbing 70% of damage taken.

If you have any more points that we can add to help others pick up Valorant quicker then please get in touch and let us know? We would love to hear from you!


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