League of Legends in 2021〘Ḷ〙Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


League of Legends’ influence in the Eastern and Western world is indubitable.

In 2020, the game generated $1.75 billion in revenue, with a monthly active player base of 115 million. Not every game can be considered the main esports title and maintain those numbers after 10 years of release.

That’s why we’ll answer the most Frequently Asked Questions about League of Legends.


How to Find Friends to Play League of Legends With or Against

As every other gamer, we have answered questions for, League of Legends is also more fun when played with or against friends or teammates.

So, this is what you have to do if you’ve been looking for groups (LFG), teams (LFT), or clans (LFC) lately.

A) In-game Friend Request

There are two ways to add League of Legends players:

  • On the game client: Once you log in, you will be able to add players as friends by clicking on the “+” sign, right next to the “Social” tab text.

League of Legends add friend

The following screen will pop up, asking to add the Summoner Name or Riot ID of your new friend. It also shows a list of players you “recently played with.”

League of Legends add friend 2

For those who don’t know: Riot ID is a code made of two parts (in-game name + hashtag followed by three-to-five numbers or letters. You can check yours on Riot Games’ official website and change it for free every 30 days if you wish to do it.

If you ever change your Summoner’s name, your ID will change as well.

  • After the match: The option to add players you have recently played with is available at the end of every match (no matter the game mode). Here’s how you do it:

League of Legends add friend 3


B) Top 4 League of Legends Discord Servers

Of course, there’s a limited number of matches you can play every day. And maybe you’ll like to meet new people before you play with them.

How can you do that?

Discord might be your best shot.

Here are the best 4 Discord servers we found to meet League of Legends players:


#4 – Summoner School: A server dedicated to teaching and learning about LoL

#3 – League Community: While this one doesn’t have as many players as the next two, it also hosts members from other games of the Runeterra lore.

#2 – r/leagueoflegends: Inspired by the community-run subreddit, this server has over 400k members (of which a quarter of that is always active).

#1 – “League of Legends”: Run in collaboration with Riot Games, this is the discord server you want to be in for “all things league of legends.”

You can find a lot of people on the previously mentioned Discord servers… But not as many qualified and ready to play, as you find them on the G1 platform.

What is this “G1” I’m talking about?

C) G1 Community

There are two many forums and social groups promising to be the “go-to place to meet other players”, but they usually don’t achieve the expectations.

After all, you don’t want “more” members in your group. You want quality friends.

Inside the G1, you can meet casual gamers and competitive players, as well as get seen by brands and investors alike. This is the place they go to scout new members for their team’s tryouts.

Build your gaming portfolio and have fun meeting new league of legends players to play with or against.

Looking for group of friends to play in the summoner's rift - League of Legends

Speaking of that… Does G1 support more games?

Yes, it does.

We’re well aware of how different League of Legends is from other MOBAs as Dota 2, so we support them all. Are you aware, as well?

Differences Between League of Legends vs. Dota 2

It is obvious that LoL players opt for LoL and believe it is a better game. This is also true the other way around (Dota 2 players believe Dota 2 is better. Period).

But the following four differences between these two are for new players looking to dive into MOBAs, reviewing their flaws and strengths.


Learning Curve

Short version: League of Legends is fairly easy.
Dota 2 is more complex and requires more time to understand its game’s mechanics.
Builds and Counter picks, where specific heroes are tailor-made to stop other heroes, might take months or years for someone to learn.


League of Legends doesn’t have a set of rules that determine tanks must go Top lane, spell-casting magicians Mid-lane, support and attack damage carry (ADC) at the Bottom late, and a jungler roaming minions in between… But there’s the meta.
For some reason, this goes like this unless you experiment playing with friends.
Instead, there’s no such thing as fixed roles for Dota 2. Teams can choose whatever they’ll go with their heroes, and it depends mostly on the player’s skills.

Player Base

League of Legends takes the crown in popularity. While it frequently gets over a hundred million active players every month, Dota struggles to keep one million alive on Steam.
Although some have mentioned the Dota 2 player base is more hardcore and loyal, the same can be said about the League of Legends’ 10-year dynasty.



While none of these games are truly pay-to-win, you can purchase skins with real money.

Because Dota 2 already offers all of its hundred heroes roster for free, you can only purchase their skins, as well as the couriers and items skins for a fee.

In League of Legends, you’ll have to unlock Champions either with Blue Essence (currency won by playing games) or RP = Riot Points. The latest is the official premium currency of the game, redeemable for event icons, champions, and ward skins.

Age Limit

To play both games you must be age 13 or older.

The LoL Terms of Use dictate that even if you’re 13 years old but not legally considered an “adult” in your country, you must ask for the consent of one of your parents to read and accept your behalf.

And like any other US-based service, the Dota 2 age limit is tied to Steam accounts laws.

Be aware: these two MOBA titles suffer from a toxic community with strong language.

While video games exist to have fun with; some competitive users take them as seriously as possible.


League of Legends Tournaments & Leagues

Did you know that the first League of Legends World Championship took place in Dreamhack’s Jönköping, Sweden? It was long back in Season 1 (2011) and featured a $100,000 prize pool, with over 200,000 simultaneous viewers in the final.

Commonly abbreviated as “Worlds” and hosted by Riot Games, this is the biggest annual pro league celebrated since then, rotating across different regions each year. The best team franchises compete for the 32kg Summoner’s Cup and the multi-million dollar pool prize.


2012 – Season 2 of LoL World Championship: Held at Los Angeles, California. At that time, the 1.1 million concurrent viewers spectating the grand final gave LoL the “most-watched esports event in history” title. Taiwan’s Taipei Assassins won the match against South Korea’s Azubu Frost 3 to 1, claiming $1 million in prize money.


2013 – Season 3 of LoL World Championship: Celebrated in LA, California the next year (2013), a total of 14 teams participated (6 more than the previous year) and faced the “demonic” SK Telecom T1, which took its first Summoner’s Cup and $1 million prize.


2014 – Season 4 of LoL World Championship: 2 more teams were added to make it 16 in total. Started on September 18 and ended on October 19th, with the victory of Samsung Galaxy White. The entire event was seen by 27 million people and cast in 19 languages.



2015 – Season 5 of LoL World Championship: New rules were set for this year. For example, all teams now required a head coach to communicate on stage during the pick-ban phase. SK Telecom T1 won again and topline “MaRin” was named the tournament’s MVP.


2016 – Season 6 of LoL World Championship: With a multi-city format, this year the tournament was held across Chicago, San Francisco, New York City, and Los Angeles. This time, the total prize pool was $6,7 million. SK Telecom T1 took $2,680,000 for its 1st place, Samsung Galaxy took $1 million for second, and ROX Tigers $502,500, for 3rd place.

Faker won the MVP award in the event watched by 43 million people (+14 m. concurrent).


2017 – Season 7 of LoL World Championship: Held in Wuhan, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing, with a total of 24 participating teams. This time, Samsung White reversed the score (3-0) against SK Telecom T1. The whole event was seen by 60 million people.


2018 – Season 8 of LoL World Championship: This time, it was South Korea’s time to host the event: Seoul, Busan, Gwangju, and Incheon. The final was played between Invictus Gaming and Fnatic (3-0), being China’s first World Championship and MVP to Gao “Ning” Zhenning.


2019 – Season 9 of LoL World Championship: Europe was the go-to place for League of Legend’s World Championship this year. Berlin (play-in & groups), Madrid (quarterfinals and semifinals), and Paris (final) arenas received millions of spectating facts.

The final was contested on November 10, between FunPlus Phoenix and G2 Esports in Paris. Resulting in China’s second World victory.


2020 – Season 10 of LoL World Championship: Taking place between September 25 to October 31, all games were hosted in the Shanghai Media Tech Studio, except the inaugural event and final match (between Suning and Damwon Gaming. The latest won 3 to 1).

Besides the World Championship series, two other international events (MSI and All-star) have been celebrated through the past years.


Mid-Season International (MSI)

Riot Games have hosted it since 2015 and is considered the second most important league.

T1 from South Korea has also been predominant in the Mid-Season International, having won two MSI titles: one in 2016 and the other one in 2017).


All-Star (ASE)

Pro players and The most popular League of Legends pro players are invited to compete against each other across different game modes, chosen by the public’s vote.

All-Star Shanghai 2013
– 1st Place: Korea Champions
– 2nd Place: LPL Allstars
– 3th-4th Place: Garena Team + NA LCS Allstars

All-Star Paris 2014
– 1st Place: SK Telecom T1
– 2nd Place: Oh My God
– 3th-4th Place: Fnatic + Cloud9

All-Star Los Angeles 2015
– 1st Place: Bjergsen
– 2nd Place: Doublelift
– 3th-4th Place: PraY + Froggen

All-Star Barcelona 2016
– 1st Place: Uzi
– 2nd Place: Maple
– 3th-4th Place: xPeke + Smeb

All-Star Los Angeles 2017
– 1st Place: LPL Allstars
– 2nd Place: LML Allstars
– 3th-4th Place: GPL Allstars + LCK Allstars

– 1st Place: Uzi
– 2nd Place: Bjergsen
– 3th-4th Place: Jisu + PraY

All-Star Las Vegas 2018
– 1st Place: Caps
– 2nd Place: Pabu
– 3th-4th Place: Uzi + Rookie

All-Star Las Vegas 2019
– 1st Place: Bwipo
– 2nd Place: Uzi
– 3th-4th Place: TheShy + Levi


As of 2021, 11 more well-known pro leagues are taking place for League of Legends.

Only the best League of Legends teams and players participate in competitive leagues like these. If you consider yourself capable of matching against the all-time best, then you can always try to climb the ranks ladder and get the attention of recruitment scouts for tryouts.

Take into account that League of Legend’s salaries depends entirely on your skills and popularity. This was true for the most popular streamers from 2019-2020.

An additional perk is to get to know the community much better, considering you can find a lot of like-minded players in every region.

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