How To Rank Up In CS:GO

Sooner or later, anyone who plays CS:GO regularly becomes interested in how to rank up. What do you actually need to do to go from Silver I to Silver II? Or from Legendary Eagle to Legendary Eagle Master? This short guide will give you a basic understanding of the process, and what most players don’t understand about it.

The Psychology of How to Rank Up in CS:GO

Imagine you’ve started training as a boxer and only three months into the process, you start wondering, “What must I do to get a shot at the title?” This seems to be the same assumptions that most people have when thinking about their CS:GO rank. They want the results without thinking about the implications or the work.

rank up in CS:GO

Your CS:GO rank is simply an approximate reflection of your level of skill. If you want to know how to rank up in CS:GO, figure out how to get better at CS:GO. If s1mple or device would be given a Gold Nova I account, they would quickly reach The Global Elite regardless of problems that may arise along the way. Their CS:GO skills alone are good enough to allow them to reach the top division.
The main pitfall of wanting to rank up in CS:GO is this feeling that you are vastly better than your current rank – which is probably not true. Playing in The Global Elite division when you’re not on that level is like trying to be a brain surgeon without having studied medicine first. Not only will you get crushed by much better players, you will also ruin your teammates’ experience as well. And you won’t even know what you’re missing.
As a novice in boxing, train hard and find opponents of your current level in order to grow gradually and learn as much as you can. The CS:GO equivalent of this is very intuitive: Your current rank is the perfect place to start getting better and deepen your understanding of the game. Be patient with yourself and don’t set out not to win every game, but to improve every game and use your tactics and skills to the best of your ability. If you do that consistently, you will improve and rank up.

Tips on How to Rank Up in CS:GO

CS:GO is a game that revolves around specific key things: maps, equipment, positioning, aim, communication, decision-making, and so on. To rank up faster, master a tiny aspect of the game and then play that part to perfection. Don’t try to become a one-man orchestra. Just get really good at one thing.
For example, learn everything about one map, and then on that map, learn everything about how to guard or assault a certain position. Every game, select that map and play on that side of the map. Do it hundreds of times in a row. If you go through this process, you will have mastered every angle and every possibility in that position. You’ll know every scenario and how to respond to it.
Pick a few weapons and train with those weapons. Pick a map and train on that map. Pick a role and train for that role. The more you switch, the harder it will be for you to specialize. Even at the professional level, players have specializations. When you see a team like Astralis decimate an opponent on a given map of their choice, they have probably played that map in training thousands of times.
Look at football (soccer) teams for a better example. If the goalkeeper would have to play as a striker, he would look like a fool for a very long time until he learns even the basics of what needs to be done in that role. Specialize and admit that your current rank is a reflection of what you can do for your team inside the game.

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