How To Join An Esports Team In 2020

Joining an esports team is a lot like setting out on a job hunt. You need to develop the necessary gaming skills, apply for a position, and have a way of proving your skills and experience – all while being as professional as possible. Understand that the team making the hiring decision functions just like a company: They have competitive goals and are looking for a good fit.

Train Relentlessly and Professionally

In esports, even a team that’s ranked 100th in a particular game will expect you to know a lot of things before they even consider giving you a chance to prove yourself.

Join an esports team
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As you train, make sure you are using your time in a way that’s productive relative to your goals. If you’re serious about joining an esports team, train as much as possible and as smart as possible. Don’t just mindlessly play game after game. Stop at the end of each game and assess what you did right, what you did wrong, why you lost, or why you won. Keep detailed files with the things you’re figuring out: mistakes, lessons, attitude and psychology, tactics and strategies, training routines, and so on.
Don’t try to keep everything in your own head. Treat it like it’s Math and be rigorous about it. You’re a gaming scientist in their laboratory. You’re trying to figure out the game, how other people play it, how you should be playing it to win, what the best strategies are, and everything else you might think of.

Gain Visibility

Once you’re good enough to compete, compete – at any level and with any team that might want you as a stand-in or for a simple trial. If nobody wants you at first, get together with other people who are at a similar level of skill and form your own team. Show the world what you’re capable of and don’t be afraid to fail – because you will fail a lot more often than you will win, at least initially. Have your notebook ready and ask yourself, “What am I going to learn from this match?”
Gaining visibility can be done in a variety of ways. If you’re not a member of a league where you have a chance of running into pro players, try joining a league that gives you the opportunity to connect with professionals. If you’re not streaming, start streaming. If you don’t have a Twitter account, create one.
After you’ve gained some visibility and have built a gaming portfolio for yourself, start talking to teams and pro players and ask for a chance to prove your skills.

How to Start an Esports Team

You can only do this if you’ve been playing for long enough, in order to find enough people who might want to join you in your quest of gaining visibility at tournaments. This is why networking is so important once you’ve developed the necessary gaming skills. But don’t wait till you’re exceptional as a player to start making friends. Start doing that as soon as you’ve reached the top skill divisions.
If you played well during a game and were responsible for the win, ask the other players: “Hey, can I add you? Maybe we’ll play a game sometime.” The key here is to be polite and to prove that you’re good enough to be worthy of other players’ company. If you manage to be mentally strong and keep your calm even when things go poorly, exceptional players will notice and will realize that you’re the kind of person they could rely on in the fire of competition.
Very often, pub players get invited to play for pro teams or in a party with pro players after outsmarting them in a ranked match. If you’re a pro player and encounter someone who does something better than you, you’ll assume that they’re pretty good and probably have a lot of potential.

Radu Muresan

Radu Muresan

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