Gaming Team, Clan, or Party – Do You Know The Differences?

As a long-time gamer, you might have heard about the terms Gaming Team, Gaming Clan, or Gaming Party.

But do you know the real differences between these 3?

I didn’t… Until very recently.

The short answer: they’re differentiated by the activities performed in them. They are all about playing with others, but the rule’s strictness and duration are what make them different from each other.

Let’s take a look at each, one by one… Shall we?


A) Gaming Team

Synonymous of Squad. A “team” is a group that takes places online, during a match.

Gaming Team or Squad

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For most games, the team is decided by the side you will play on. And more often than not, you can choose which team you want to play in right before the match starts.

Although current matchmaking systems are capable enough to balance team players according to their Elo (skills).

Red team today; blue team tomorrow.

In more competitive areas (such as Esports), a team is a group that shares one particular goal: improving to win tournaments. They often specialize in one specific game.

According to The Esports Observer: “more than $130M awarded between just the top 10 highest-prizing games”… JUST IN 2018!

Being said, have you ever asked yourself: what are the top-earning esports teams in history?

Not a big surprise, FaZe Clan was part of that list back in 2018 (5th spot) with $4.04 million in the CSGO, COD, and PUGB prize pool.

Now, here’s where it gets quite confusing. Is FaZe Clan a team… Or a clan?

Teams can be considered clans when they start spreading into more functions.

Now, speaking about Clans…


B) Gaming Clan

Originally, a Clan was known as a group of people descending from a common ancestor.

Gaming Clan

Source: History

Similarly, a Gaming clan is a larger group of gamers who play together habitually, for longer periods, without social limitation.

A lot of it depends on the game you play. Mostly on MMORPGs, we can find them as Guilds or Factions.

For example, in Skyrim you can find Guilds as professional memberships: Think of the guilds of “Thieves” or “Blacksmiths.”

Also, Clans exist outside the life of the game too. As a member of one, you would still be part of it, even where you aren’t logged in. This makes sense when other clan members share one common chat channel to communicate at all times they needed it.

To keep it for all thousands of members from an organization, clan leaders set hierarchy structures, rank systems, and goals in place. And they take the time to do so because a clan’s lifespan can vary from a few weeks to over a decade.

You would find this quite impressive. But many of them achieve such longevity by offering in-game awards (prizes for giveaways) and medals/achievements to members by their contribution. The longest-running do their best to keep everyone happy and engaged.

You can find one online for any game and purpose that comes into your mind. But the best and easiest way to do so is inside GamerOne.

pro esports gamers get connected with gamer one - gaming esports community

This is because everyone shares the same thought: is getting harder and harder to find a good Clan. This is because there are so many, that no-one truly commits to a single one.

Some even admit that there are no ideas to revive the good last ones alive.

Those who still survive have jumped to Discord’s free platform to help their community… But in reality, they’re way too disconnected from the games they started from.

Fun fact: a good amount of Discord servers are referenced as “guilds.”

Last, but not least… What exactly is a Party in gaming?

C) Gaming Party

Yes, it is a celebration with food, drinks, and balloons. But that’s not exactly the type of party I refer to today.

Gaming Party

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The term “gaming party” is also used to reference a short-term/short-lived group of players that joins one room to play a few matches, and once finished, everyone’s gone.

Almost every multiplayer game has a party system to create or join, at any time.

The party leader is usually the one who starts the queue for matchmaking when the rest of the members are ready.


Too Long; Don’t Read (TL;DR)

Do you want to play temporarily with a few friends? Create or join a party.

Do you prefer to keep sharing long after the gameplay is over? Then create or join a clan.

Or would you like to improve your in-game knowledge and skills to possibly compete as a professional player? Then, you should create or join a team.

Whatever works best, there’s a spot waiting for you inside the G1 all-in-one platform.

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