Dota 2 ‘T10’ tournament prize pool exceeds $30M USD

Dota 2’s world championship event, The International is set to exceed the massive $30M USD prize pool. This will be the second year in a row that this has happened and is once again set to become the biggest single-event prize pool in esports history.


Whilst Valve is yet to issue an official statement about scheduling plans, many are watching as The International 10 passed the $30M USD mark after roughly 63 days into its Battle Pass contribution period. By comparison, last year it took more than 75 days to reach the same figure for The International 2019.


The prize pool contributions ordinarily come from the sales of Dota 2’s annual Battle Pass. Meaning the prize pool takes 25%, and Valve pocketing the nice 75% of all revenues.


Despite COVID-19 creating havoc for many industries, it seems to have only ignited gaming and esports further as Valve continues to see an increase in its own revenues. However, one certain impact of COVID-19 is that The International will not take place this year as planned. With the event originally expected to sell-out, having been scheduled to take place in Stockholm, Sweden during August 2020. No plans have been announced and uncertainly continues as the global health emergency continues, but one topic of interest remains is whether the prize pool will continue to grow should the prize pool receives two years worth of Battle Pass revenue funding.


Ponder a $70M USD prize pool for a minute or two?!

James Clarke

James Clarke

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