Brand’s “News of the Week” (March 8th – March 15th)



If could learn something from this week’s news, is that Japanese culture has more influence over Gaming than any other vertical.

7 out of 10. That’s how many Brand Anime-related Gaming collaborations occurred during March 8th-15th.



1) Gymshark Helps “Corpse Husband” Get a Time Square Billboard Ad

The career of Streamer and music artist Corpse Husband has skyrocketed once again after appearing in an ad spot on Times Square, New York City.

How does an anonymous person like him, who started narrating horror stories on YouTube, jumps to stream “Among Us” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and then having the title of his number one song “E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE” shown in such a notorious place?

Gymshark. That’s why. The British athletic apparel brand held a contest on Twitter to display a message on a TS billboard from whom’s reply had the most likes. Corpse Husband’s tweet received more than half a million.

Even with all of his fame, Corpse hasn’t decided to reveal his face to his fans.

Even so, he receives a lot of support from fans, which recently found about his thoracic outlet syndrome, a condition in which his nerves cause arms and hands to go numb.



2) Genshin Impact x KFC China Collaboration CANCELLED

Genshin Impact and KFC seem like a workable collaboration for China, and it was.

For the purchase of a fried chicken bucket, customers would get a code including the new glider design featuring KFC’s colors, as well as button pins for Noelle and Diluc.

GI x KFC postcards were also available but quite limited. Hell, even stores were decorated with posters of the Mondstadt gang and Dragonspine patch artwork.

Genshin Impact KFC Collab

But the two restaurants where the themed-collaboration was taking place (in Shanghai or Hangzhou) were shut down due to COVID-19 restrictions. A crowd of fans isn’t something too likable for authorities right now.

While the event will be active until March 21st, it hasn’t been explained what rules were broken and whether or not the event is still going. The odds go to NOT be continued.



3) Sonic the Hedgehog 30th Anniversary Figure and Plush Arrive

Sega’s recent years weren’t the best but it’s undeniable that the blue hedgehog is still loved by a large sum of people who grew up playing Sonic in the 80s-90s.

Its 30th Anniversary makes us feel old but new merch (figure and plushie) rejuvenates us back again. The first one is from JAKKS Pacific who has created this highly-customizable figurine.

Sonic 30th Anniversary Figure

Sonic fans can also benefit from the new line of products from Club Mocchi Mocchi’s first line of 15 inches plushies. You can preorder either one of Sonic and/or Tails, and it seems like more characters are to come. Target’s listings show a $30 tag for each

Sonic Mochi Mochi Plush




4) Marvel’s Universe Variant Bring Arts Launched & Already Sold Out

Marvel and Square Enix teamed up once again, but this time is not related to a video game. Instead, they partner to bring a new set of figures called “Universe Variant Bring Arts.”

The first character from Marvel’s line is no other than Iron Man, in the way Tetsuya Nomura sees it, armored and more bad-ass than ever. If you think about it, this one seems somehow like the Infinity War’s Mark 50 suit, but on steroids.

Its wings are the most attractive part of his armor and they can be removed with ease, as well as his hands, to swap in different poses. A special stand, shoulder pads, and knee guard designs are among the optional accessories included.

Priced at $134.99 and already out of stock, the figure would have included a lithograph with Nomura’s concept art.



5) Magic: The Gathering Will Feature New Warhammer 40k Deck

Wizards of the Coast doesn’t ever stop announcing new crossover with fantastic worlds for its Magic cards, and the sci-fi wargame Warhammer 40k is nearby.

The connection with the universe makes total sense and the possibilities are endless, although fans haven’t heard/read much about its content… But guesses are always welcome.

Warhammer In Commander x Magic The Gathering
For example, some comment that this might be focused on a series of Commander decks and/or some for other factions: Imperium of Man, the Necrons, the Orks, and so on.

Other than all of those references, keywords, and mechanics from the Warhammer 40k original playstyle should be replicated for this collection.

After all, it doesn’t matter how it will look… As soon as the crossover happens.



6) Secretlab QUICCS Edition from Toy Designer Partnership

Award-Winning Toy Designer: Quiccs Maiquez connected with Secretlab, to create the Secretlab QUICCS Edition chair, with only 200 units available worldwide.

Secretlab QUICCS Edition

The artist and company’s talent seems to cross perfectly with both urban hip-hop graffiti and Japanese mecha style that also Secretlab is familiar with (after all, they were behind the Cyberpunk 2077 gaming chair).

Customers who get their hands on the chair will also receive a 12-inch Secretlab MEGATEQ figure, with the signature of TEQ63 designed for this collaboration.

QUICCS Toy Designer

The chair is made out of PRIME 2.0 PU leather with segmented panels that resemble an armored exoskeleton. Check out the Secretlab’s website and you want to get one now.



7) WOW Streamer “Asmongold” Returns to Twitch

After taking a break and being away for 2 months (January), World of Warcraft streamer Asmongold comes back to Twitch streaming. He tweeted the return on March 16th.

He has amassed a massive following (2 million) on twitch, where he’s referred to as “Ninja’s” of WoW. Asmongold has been present in every major event occurring in the game, so many fans speculate he just was to be close for when the extensive 8.0.5 patch update kicks in.

It will include a lot of fixes and adjustments to Legendary gear and the Death Knight class.



8) Animal Crossing x Build-a-Bear Plushies

Build-a-Bear seems like the perfect company to partner with to make cuddle Animal Crossing characters. While this is not the first time Nintendo joins forces with the plush company, it’s undeniable that you would prefer the town animals overstuffed Mario.

Animal Crossing build a bear

You can sign up on its website for news and find out when you’ll be able to get yours. It will presumably be released later this quarter but it is always to follow the updates directly from them.

Fun fact: this Animal Crossing collaboration, in particular, came to life after fans jumped onto Twitter saying they would love to see something like that, of which 27,000 people retweeted and 146,000 liked.



9) Monster Hunter T-shirts from Uniqlo Brand Partnership

Capcom has been on a streak of announcements related to Monster Hunter (the latest being its “Rise” online event, trailer and now this, T-shirts from life wear brand Uniqlo).

Six different t-shirt styles were designed under the Men’s sizes and four others under kid’s sizes. All of them are centered around iconic Monster Hunter Rise’s additions like Magnamalo emblazoned (monster) and Palico & Palamute (buddies).

Their last life wear collaboration was based on Street Fighter characters.

The prices are yet to be known and it’s being suggested that they will be released in both America and Asia, considering the information was posted in English and Japanese.



10) Apex Legend “N7” Mass Effect Weapon Charm is Here

The N7 logo, the recognizable symbol to BioWare’s RPG Mass Effect franchise, is coming to Apex Legends as a weapon charm. You can unlock it now by joining EA Play before April 8.

While it is listed as a Game Pass perk, it will just take you to other perks pages if you try to redeem the offer as it is. Maybe it’s the recency, but at least it was officially confirmed this time. It was discovered last year through data mining but just until now, it wasn’t official.

The collab might result timely, considering the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition (trilogy) will release on May 14, including the core series and +40 DLCs, as well as 4K and HDR support.

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