Brand’s “News of the Week” (March 24th – March 31st)



6-figures auctions, scandal, and never-ending streams.

That’s what we got on March’s last week (24th – March 31st).

Are you ready for it?



1) Ludwig’s On-going Subathon: Explained

Ludwig started the so-called “subathon” stream on March 14, encouraging viewers to subscribe with an interesting twist: every new subscription or 500 bits donation adds 10 seconds to the stream’s duration. Believe it or not, the stream is still going.

As you can notice, he got the “sleep setup” ready because he felt this was going to last at least, a few days. In fact, the stream runs under the “Sleepers” category.

He has also taken measures to keep the stream mildly over control. For example, those who donate a big amount of subs (100 or more) will be banned, until the subathon finishes.

Ludwig Subathon

Source: Ludwig’s Twitch channel

With 50,000 avg. concurrent viewers, it seems like it might easily extend for a few weeks. So far, he broke several records, including “Channel with the most subscribers.”



2) $150,000 Star Wars Watch By Kross Studio

Lucasfilms has partnered with the Switzerland-based design studio Kross to create the “Death Star Ultimate Collector Set” which includes one of the most expensive themed watches ever released.

It’s priced at $150.000 and only 10 were made. 3 have sold out at the time of this writing.

Kross Studio Death Star Tourbillon

As the name indicates, the premium watch is designed to look like Death Star. And it’s accompanied by the “Kyber crystal” and its container from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.


For those who don’t know: The Kyber crystal powers the Death Star laser, and this movie prop, in particular, was used in Rogue’s One movie.



3) K/DA Collection From Logitech Gaming

Logitech G has announced the worldwide availability of League of Legend’s K/DA Collection.

It includes the following items, which were only offered in China.

  • K/DA PRO Gaming Keyboard – $129.99
  • K/DA G502 HERO Gaming Mouse – $79.99
  • K/DA G305 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Mouse – $59.99
  • K/DA G840 XL Gaming Mouse Pad – $49.99
  • K/DA G733 LIGHTSPEED Wireless RGB Headset – $129.99
  • K/DA G333 Gaming Earphones – $49.99

The prominent white, black, and bright blue metallic color pattern is inspired by practically all of ALL OUT era graphics. It comes at a close range with the EP of the same name, with two songs out of five making it to the #1 position in Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart.



4) Gucci Virtual 25 AR Sneakers Sold For $8.99 and $12.99

A new exclusively digital pair of luxury, neon green and pink footwear called “The Gucci Virtual 25” and designed by Alessandro Michele, can be purchased now on Gucci’s app at $12.99 or through the Wanna Kicks AR sneaker app for $8.99.

A lot less expensive than typical Gucci sneakers, these can be “worn” in “real life” with Augmented Reality technology or inside VRchat and Roblox, which partnered with the shoemaker.

The Gucci Virtual 25

Source: Gucci Sneaker Garage

Wanna “ARketing” specialization made this pair possible. They also included the“GC” logo.




5) G Fuel Doom Eternal Re-Skin Drinks + Shaker

The popularity of Doom’s Eternal DLC – The Ancient Gods Part Two was vital for the decision that G Fuel took this time: to bring (once again) the devilish Spicy Demon’Ade and Sour Demon-Ade flavors to their drinks.

The first one is an upgraded version from a previously released Doom-inspired lemonade and cayenne G Fuel drink. The other also includes lemonade but excludes the spice.

You can pre-order now, expecting to receive from May 15th and forward. Take into account that the kit with the Doom shaker cup has sold out already.

This version of the energy drink inspired by the legendary Doom Slayer is among its most popular collaborations, others being those with PewDiePie and Sega (Sonic the Hedgehog).



6) Formula 1 and Nascar Comes To Rocket League

While Season 2 of Rocket League was music-themed, Psyonix has just revealed that Season 3, which begins on April 7, will be focused on Formula 1 and Nascar racing.

As soon as April’s 6 update kicks in at 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET, the team will be adding a new auto-racer battle car: The Tyranno, unlocked through S3 battle pass, with a Dominus hitbox.

It will also add two new bundles (NASCAR battle car in early May and Formula 1 battle car available in mid-May) and a redesign to the DFH Stadium, now called “DFH Stadium (Circuit)”, available for casual, competitive, private, and freeplay matches.

Additionally, throughout Season 3, two new battle car bundles will become available in the shop. In early May, a NASCAR battle car bundle will be added, and in mid-May, a Formula 1 battle car bundle will roll in.



6) Hasbro Releases Fornite’s The Foundation Action Figure

After rumors of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson voicing Fortnite’s The Foundation started to appear on the internet, the character’s popularity skyrocketed very quickly.

Hasbro did a great job by quickly revealing the first action figure from possibly “The Seven ” to be announced soon. This one is planned to arrive in one year (1st of April, 2022).

The Foundation Hasbro Toy

The action figure can be pre-ordered exclusively through the Hasbro Pulse website at $39.99.

As it was mentioned, the “Zero Crisis Edition”, introduced in Chapter 2, Season 6, is one of many Hasbro x Fortnite products expected to come, one month after they extended their partnership contract. Even more, Nerf blasters could be announced in the following months.



8) Scandal Around Animal Crossing: New Horizons Sanrio Amiibo Cards

The story goes like this: Target announced the sale of six-pack exclusive Sanrio Amiibo cards for its store, which it went live at 9 AM, and for the misfortune of Animal Crossing fans, they sold out instantly. Many of them appeared minutes later on eBay, being sold for +$100.

How is it possible that the huge retailer ran off of $6 packs at minutes of making them available?

It was rumored that online orders were going to be restricted (replaced by store pick-up), but this wasn’t the case. Scalpers were responsible for the far majority of purchases, which were especially desired by fans for its characters-and-items unlockable features.

While some Twitter users reported successful purchases; most expressed their anger and sadness about the website’s “bugs/glitches.”


There’s still one good news. Animal Crossing Amiibo cards of unlockable Hello Kitty-themed villagers and items were already printed and sold once, in 2016. Many of them can be purchased cheaply on Etsy.



9) High-fashion Controllers: Switch’s Animal Crossing and Xbox’s EV & DC

Both the Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles enjoy the just-released stylish controllers, available now at respective designer stores.

As in the case for Nintendo, the Animal Crossing-themed controllers were created by PowerA, with anti-friction rings, Bluetooth 5.0 technology, and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The model shown below is available for $49.99 and is expected to ship on April 1st.

Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch controller

There are two other wireless models and 3 wired ones, at a considerably lower price ($24.99)

Now, Microsoft also announced two new color schemes (Electric Volt and Daystrike Camo)

Electric Volt and Daystrike Camo

The controller from the left (Electric Volt) will hit the maker on April 27 for $64.99. And the one on the right (Daystrike Camo) will arrive around May 4, at $69.99.

Both include a new share button, hybrid D-pad, textured grip, triggers, bumpers, and back.



10) Mattel Brings New Pokemon Constructible Toy Line

4 Inches tall and with its standard battle pose, the new Mattel’s Pokemon toys are considered part of the Mega Construx memorabilia. The Charizard one (shown below) seems to be the fan-favorite, with pixelated flames coming from his mouth:

Charizard Mattel

This one in particular costs $19.99. The Celebration Pikachu cost $24.99, and both the Jumbo Pickachu and Jumbo Eevee have a price tag of $49.99.

The “Evergreen Poké Ball” line is also available for just $6.99 and it includes three buildable pokemon, of which you can choose among Charmander, Bulbasaur, Cubone, Eevee, Pikachu, Squirtle, Togepi, and Magikarp. They’re available at Amazon and Walmart.

Evergreen Poké Ball line

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