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Are you wondering if Awesomenauts is still a good game to play in 2021?

Today, we answer the most frequently asked questions about it.


Review: What Is Awesomenauts? Is It Worth It In 2021?

Awesomenauts is a 3v3, 2D MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) with 34 “awesome” characters (Awesomenauts) very different from each other.

Their unique looks, set of abilities, attributes, and voice-over work, give them a ton of personality.




Easy to start playing and have fun Low support from developers
Cool 90s cartoon show aesthetic Match queues can take up to 6 minutes
Any non-gaming PC/Laptop can run it Unstable servers (depending on where you at)


As in every other MOBA, the goal is to destroy the enemy base (here’s the Solar Collector).

You’ll encounter several turrets in the path and spawnable creeps that either helps you (those on your team) or attack you and your turrets (enemies).

The game’s currency is called “Solar”. With it, you can purchase upgrades for your Naut.

Awesomenauts XP system is also different. Teams share levels, instead of each player’s character. So, every time you destroy a turret and kill a creep or enemy Awesomenaut, everyone in your team gains experience as well. You leveling up means they also level up.

Both teams start at LVL 1 and get attack strength, total health, healing rates, and more improvements with every level gained.

The game supports local (split-screen) and online co-op play. But even if it’s multi-platform (available on consoles) it doesn’t offer multiplayer cross-play features, unfortunately.

Awesomenauts Splitscreen



Release Date

Curiously enough, Awesomenauts first released in May 2012 for PS3 and Xbox 3.

Awesomenauts Trailer (Source: Ronimo)

It wasn’t until August 2012 that it was made available for PC (Window’s Steam).

Then, it was ported to Linux and OS X as well.

A PlayStation 4 version was released in March 2014 and an Xbox One in September 2016. The latest is called “Awesomenauts Assemble!”

Over four years have passed and developing company “Ronimo Games” hasn’t spoken about a 2nd version (Awesomenauts 2) to be released soon.

Let’s hope they think about adding a big patch to it. It hasn’t been updated since July 2018 (Patch 4.71).


Is Awesomenauts Free? (Free-to-Play)

Yes, Awesomenauts is available to be played for free ON PC.

Awesomenauts Free-to-Play Trailer (Source: Ronimo)

Although it wasn’t always like this… It was in May 2017 when they transitioned to the popular in-game transactions for skins and reward system as new business model.

The console version costs $9.99 regardless of the platform.
There’s also a not-so-well-known “Collector’s Edition” that you can still purchase from resellers on eBay and other collector’s marketplaces. You can say the Gamestop steelbook version it’s priced well if you want to get the “All Nauts Pack” bonus that saves you time.

According to Ronimo, if you purchase this special edition key for the game originally provided by a different retailer, then it will only unlock 3 characters (Froggy G, Lonestar, Scoop).


How Many Players Play Awesomenauts?

According to SteamCharts, Awesomenaut’s average active player count is 276. That’s a low number when compared to the main MOBA titles that rule nowadays (as of League of Legends and Dota 2).

Although it proves it was very popular once (circa 2013) where it reached the +12,000 players all-time peak.


Does That Mean Awesomenauts Is Dead?

Being impartial, I think this game is not completely dead, because the community is trying hard to keep it alive. Forum members insist they will keep the game alive for years to come.

Be aware that people still play the game and the majority of players are a bit experienced.

Let’s not forget it’s 9 years old and its last update was 3 years ago.
My experience with Awesomenauts isn’t as toxic in comparison with other MOBAs.

So, promoting the game and attracting more into it might attract the developing team as well.

Now, why has Ronimo forgotten this game if it’s considered a success?


What Happened to Awesomenauts?

Ronimo has been working on a new IP (Blightbound) which they consider a bigger priority, for some reason.

Many speculate they will launch a big update for Awesomenauts after they finish all the development and promotional process for the D&D-like RPG.

That being said… Are you interested in installing the game and trying it out?


How to Install Awesomenauts?

To install Awesomenauts, you’ll need to register an account on Steam first (if you don’t have one already). Then, you’ll have to download and install the Steam client.

Once you register, download, and install the Steam client, then you’ll have to log in with your account credentials. If will take a few seconds or minutes to fully update and send you to the Steam Store. Type “Awesomenauts” on the Store search bar or go here to access directly.

Awesomenauts Steam Store

The last step would be to click on “Install” and wait for the files (sized +3 GBs) to download.


How to Uninstall Awesomenauts?

If you want to uninstall Awesomenauts for whatever reason on any of the support platforms (Windows, macOS X, or Linux (Ubuntu)), you’ll only have to assess the Steam client and search the game’s title across your list.

You’ll notice installed games look different (title text white-colored) so you can use this reference as a guide).

Found it? Right-click on “Awesomenauts” > Hover the mouse over “Manage” > Click on “Uninstall”

Awesomenauts How to Uninstall


After you launch it, you’ll be welcomed by a quick intro video and the menu screen.

Before you even get into your first online or offline match, you’ll have to go through the beginner tutorial (or not). If you already know the fundamentals or simply don’t want to go through it, fortunately enough, there’s a way to skip it.

To skip the Awesomenauts tutorial, you only have to click on the screw sign that’s in the top right corner of your screen. Don’t worry, you can do it later if you change your mind.

Take into account that doing the tutorial will give you 2,000 Awesomepoints (to purchase characters, drop pods, or profile icons).

Are you ready to play? More so, are you ready to play with friends?
Here’s where you add friends and manage your match party.


How to Add Friends in Awesomenauts?

There are three main ways to play Awesomenauts with friends.

1) In-game: You can invite anyone on your Steam Friends list to come to play with you. Just click on the “+” icon next to your profile image and select who you want to play with.

Awesomenauts In-game Friend Invite 1

As you can see, there are two spots available for your party. The game will start only if all three players (including yourself) are ready.

Awesomenauts In-game Friend Invite 2

And the party will keep together after every match. There’s no need to invite them again.

2) Awesomenauts Discord Server: while we often list several discord servers available per game, Awesomenauts only has the “Ronimo Games – Oficial” active right now. Not only you can talk about the game but also group up with other Awesomenauts players.


3) G1 Community: Here’s where the Awesomenauts veterans gather. G1 is the place where loyal new and old-time Awesomenauts players meet to play together.

You can register and use it for FREE to share your Awesomenauts plays and memes.

Free skins giveaways are always being made inside the community.

Don’t worry, even beginners are welcome.

Awesomenauts in 2021 Banner

Speaking of beginners…

Here’s a guide for you to know the most important in-game elements to start with the right foot.


Awesomenauts Beginners Guide

You can choose among five different game modes in the “Play” menu:

  • Brawl: a different set of rules applied every week to keep the game different.
  • Co-Op Vs Bots: play with real players in your team, against bots.Versus Player: everyone’s real (unless someone disconnects and bot replaces spot).
  • Practice Match: play with and against bots.

In most game modes, you’re able to choose among nauts that you have purchased before and/or four others that change every Monday on the “Free Rotation”.

Once the match starts (or every time you die), you’ll drop down to your base on a pod (drop pod). This takes around 10 seconds and you’ll be able to gather solars in the way by going right or left.

Inland, you’ll encounter the Shop Heal Station by walking a bit forward in base (right or left, depending on the side you’re playing). This green capsule-shaped, safe structure is where you heal and purchase upgrades. They usually cost around 100 solars.

There is silver solar (worth 1 each) and gold solar cubes (worth 5 each), the last being harder to find.

You can teleport back to the Station at any time by pressing the F key (in PC), Right Bumper (Xbox), or R1 (PlayStation) for 3 seconds.

Where do matches take place?


Awesomenauts Maps

  1. Ribbit IV: This was the first map developed for the game. With quick access between the top and bottom lanes, it favors mobility and dynamic play. The top lane is shorter than the bottom lane. Control of the central jungle and bottom-to-top jump pad and Hide Areas are key.
    Ribbit IV awesomenauts mapRibbit IV Splash Art
  2. Starstorm Station: It was released as part of the Awesomenauts: Starstorm Expansion. However, it is free to use for all players in all modes. The Starstorm Station features 6 teleporter portals and a bottomless pit In the middle of the bottom lane, below the map’s hide area.Starstorm Station Awesomenauts MapStarstorm Station Splash Art
  3. Planet Sorona: The middle of the bottom lane has a button with an openable shaft below. Stepping on it will open the shaft, to reveal a large worm, that stays on the screen as long as the button is held down. Any Droid or Awesomenaut that touches the worm will automatically die and drop their Solar on the ground. Its relatively large size and open middle area favor flying Awesomenauts, especially when you consider the Worm-like creeps in the map are at the top of each side of the map.
    Sorona Planet Awesomenauts MapSorona Planet Splash Art
  4. Aiguillon: Aiguillon has a special pickup called the Stealth Orb. It grants 20 seconds Invisibility to any ‘naut that touches it and respawns after one minute. The Orb appears shortly after a match begins, and will remain there until it is picked up. Creeps in Aiguillon are crab-like creatures.
    Aiguillon Awesomanuts MapAiguillon Splash Art
  5. AI Station 205: It replaced AI Station 404 in patch 2.6 of the game. In the middle of AI Station 205, there is an inferno device. After 2 seconds of warning, flamethrowers will incinerate all targets staying in their range, dealing 40 damage with 600 attack speed (400 DPS) for 8 seconds (3200 total damage). After that, they’ll remain inactive for 21 seconds until this cycle repeats itself. Creeps in this map are Service-Bots that roam around the upper middle of the map.AI Station 205 Awesomenauts MapAI Station 205 Splash Art

You now know the basics. Would you like to learn what Pros know?


8 Awesomenauts Tips & Tricks

1) Mini-map: This common MOBA feature is often ignored. Make use of your mini-map that shows where your teammates and visible enemies (including nauts and creeps) are, as well as the health status of your structures (Turrets and base).

2) Scoreboard: Take a look at how many Nauts/Droids kills and assists and how much Solar everybody earned far. You can check this by pressing the “Tab” key (PC), Back button on PlayStation, or “Start” on Xbox, during a match. That way, you can avoid fighting the enemy team when they have the Solar advantage and go farm creeps.

3) Voice-commands: Would you like to communicate something to your teammates (or enemies) but typing takes too much time.

  • Press 1, D-Pad Up, or Up Arrow to “taunt” your enemies with a funny quote.
  • Press 2, D-Pad Down, or Down Arrow to use the “Help” command.
  • Press 3, D-Pad Left, or Left Arrow to use the “Defend” command.
  • Press 4, D-Pad Right, or Right Arrow to use the “Attack” command.

4) Don’t return to base so often: Instead, wait until you have enough solar to buy few items at once (500 or so) or until you are at risk of dying.

5) Buy items during the drop-pod minigame: Many don’t know this can be done (except during your first spawn). It saves a lot of time.

6) Turrets can’t protect you entirely: There are some Nauts with abilities capable of going through structures. In most cases, they are related to throwable skills.

7) Leverage platforms: This applies for walls and floors to block a large number of attacks and jump pads to juke (attack) or retreat quickly (defense). High grounds also often give you the advantage, so it’s usually harder to go up than down.

8) Roflnauts: Not necessarily a tip or trick, but more like an “easter egg”. This is a minigame that can be found on the main menu, right above the “Awesomepoint” balance.

It can also be found by navigating Steam\steamapps\common\Awesomenauts\Data\Rofl and then double-clicking on ROFLNAUTS.exe or inside the tutorial, as a buyable upgrade.

Finally, there’s one last thing you need to know before leaving this guide…

How to Unlock All Awesomenauts Roster Fast

There are three ways you can unlock Awesomenauts faster. They’re ordered from faster to slower to get.

A) All Nauts Pack: It will give you every naut added to the game and access to those who will be added in the future. Buying the All Nauts Pack also provides an exclusive Lonestar’s skin (Goldstar). Pack names vary for console versions.

B) Daily missions: They don’t offer Nauts as rewards but do provide a good amount of points to get them in the store if you don’t want to spend real money on them.

C) Recruitment: Every account that reaches profile level 5, unlocks a recruitment code that you can use to invite your friends. At the moment of this writing, everyone unlocks “Raelynn” for free when using this code, plus bonus Awesomepoints.


10 Best Awesomenauts Memes

Awesomenauts Meme 1

Source: Reddit (u/snooscaboos)


Awesomenauts Meme 2

Source: Twitter (@RonimoGames)


Awesomenauts Meme 3

Source: Reddit (u/EricFailer)


Awesomenauts Meme 4

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Awesomenauts Meme 5

Source: Reddit (u/Firestix)


Awesomenauts Meme 6

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Awesomenauts Meme 7

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Awesomenauts Meme 8

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Awesomenauts Meme 9

Team Fortress 2 x Awesomenauts crossover. Source: KnowYourMeme


Awesomenauts Meme 10

Overwatch x Awesomenauts crossover Source: Steam

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