7 Ways to Find Gamers to Team Up With or Play Against In 2021

Are you looking for ways to find gamers to team up with or play against?

You’re in the right place.

As you may know by now, games are more fun to play with people you know and like.

Besides, playing with or against others, it’s great to build lasting bonds with other gamers. But looking for someone to play with or against is harder and more time-consuming than you thought.

So here you go: try these seven different ways of looking for a squad, clan, or party.


7 Ways to Find Gamers Like You

1) Use apps and websites to find gamer friends.

If you found this guide by Googling “ways to find gamers” or so, then you are probably aware of the apps and websites that exist to connect with other gamers on PC, Tablet, or Phone.

In fact, GamerOne is one of those. But not just any app… It’s the best one.

Here’s why:

Ways to Find Gamers With Apps


2) Forums (and Sub-reddits):

So far in 2020, there are more than 150,000 subreddits and over 450 million users actively interact every single month. And r/GamePals is just one of the best to find gamers.

This subreddit in particular has 85,000 subscribers and it was made for people who want to find others to play with.

Although this is not the only place to look at. Publishing companies (Blizzard, Ubisoft, Epic Games) have forums for their games and others more.

Big media sites as Polygon, IGN, and Gamespot offer inside forums, as well.

If you aren’t satisfied after lurking on them, you can always search for smaller-ones (sometimes, better) by Googling: [Favorite Game or Genre] + Forum.


3)  Other Platforms & Social Media Groups:

When you read about Groups, there’s a chance that you think on Facebook… And I do the same.

You only have to login into your Facebook account and type the game you want to play in the search bar, then press the “Group” button to filter. You’ll notice some groups are public and others, private. For both types, don’t forget to take a look at the Moderator’s rules.

Of course, let’s not forget about Discord. This communication platform consists of Chat and Voice channels, inside servers. And luckily, there are servers for almost every existing game.
Ways to Find Gamers through Discord Communities

What about Steam? You probably have a Steam account and know how it works, but haven’t used its “Communities” yet.

The dynamic is quite similar in all of the previously mentioned platforms. See what others have posted recently, participate, and present yourself once you get accepted.

Ways to Find Gamers through Steam Community Activity

4) Making Friends During Gameplay:

Do you play online games consistently?

Then why not reaching out to other players you have already play with or against?

A simple and honest message (even a compliment), along with an invitation to your party is the only thing you need to make new friends during gameplay.

This is considerably easier in those games that let you add players as “friends,” which also notifies you every time they log into the game.

Don’t forget to ask and make plans to play again later on (but keeping it casual!)

Suggested article: 30 Multiplayer Games to Socialize with and Make Friends While Social-Distancing


5) Find Gamers at Gaming Conventions

I know it sounds like a cliché, but there’s not a better way to network with other gamers than gaming conventions.

Not only they’re especially fun to attend, but there are so many opportunities that can come up from events like these.

There are several at a global scale (Dreamhack or PAX) while smaller ones can be found by googling “Gaming event” or “convention” in your local area.

Ways to Find Gamers at Gaming Convention-ExpoPhoto by Andreas Heimann on Unsplash


6) Go Local

Now that we’re taking it locally…

There are two proven ways to find gamers close to you.

The first one is to ahead to the nearby, local game stores and meet those who work there. They might know a handful of gamers, and even themselves organize local tournaments, to get new customers.

Now, Meetup.com (I bet you didn’t expect that one). Believe it or not, this place has a great variety for video game groups – in your local area – to hopefully, “meet up” in real life.

Note: Just be aware of the possible risks of doing so. Don’t provide sensitive, private information, and just encounter in public spaces, full of people.

7) Ask your Friends and Family to Connect You

Does nothing seem to work for you?

Then your quickest possible path may be, asking your friends and family if they know someone else who plays videogames.

Who knows? You might find out that they want to play with or against you.


Too Long; Don’t Read (TL;DR)

“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” –African proverb.

There’s a long list of pros of teaming up with or against others, and far gone are the days when gaming was a kid’s thing. So don’t be shy, even online after-works are a thing now!

Feel free to comment on any questions or thoughts down below!

Vanessa Alessio

She loves Gaming as much as she loves her Chicken pets. Vanessa harvests virtual and real-life plants. You can find her writing or playing Terraria.

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